Get in the game! The Montréal promo video turning heads internationally

published on June 3, 2021
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Montréal is a hotbed for creativity. The city has launched some of the world’s most beloved musicians. The buildings of the city are painted with colourful, eye-catching murals. The food scene is the very definition of innovation. Creativity is also found in some Montréal’s biggest industries, such as video game development, visual effects, and animation. And what happens when some of the biggest names in these industries collaborate?

Well, a very cool promotional video happens.

Get in the game!

To promote the thriving creativity of Montréal and the expertise of highly qualified digital artists, some twenty studios in Montréal pitched in to create a video that aims to turn heads northward. The video — entitled We are Montréal: Get in the game! — highlights some stunning Montréal locations. And it also features some familiar animation characters. Who do you recognize?

Check it out…

Did you know?

Entertainment and art are big business here. Montréal is the number one video game production centre in Canada and the number one city in Canada for jobs in visual effects. A collaborative promotional video is a perfect way to highlight the both the industries and the beauty of the city. 

In the video, you glimpse iconic locations, such as the Olympic Stadium, La Grande Roue de Montréal, and the interior of Basilica Notre Dame. And you come across few famous characters!

  • The star of the video is Ezio Auditore from Ubisoft’s Assasin’s Creed — a game developed right here in Montréal.
  • Scooby Doo (the video game) was made almost entirely in Montréal by Reel FX for Warner Animation Group.
  • Barbara Gordon (or Batgirl for friends) is part of the Gotham Knights video game, currently in development at the Montréal studio of WB Games.

If you like Get in the game!, don’t miss the “behind the scenes” video clip.

Recent headlines

The creative industries in Montréal are constantly developing. Here are just three of the many recent notable headlines.

Amazon Games opens development studio in Montréal - Amazon Games recently announced it has opened a new game development studio in Montréal. They are actively hiring to build out the talented team, with a variety of roles opening. Keep reading…

Clipwire Games begins recruiting its new Montréal team - the top Canadian gaming publisher is building a new team in Montréal to scale the studio and its hit title Bingo Story, a top grossing game in the US and Canada. Keep reading…

AppDirect chooses Montréal for its Canadian headquarters - A subsidiary of US-based AppDirect recently announced the expansion of its Montréal operations with an ambitious new cloud solutions project that will create 730 jobs over a five-year period. Keep reading…



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