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published on April 6, 2021
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Event professionals know the value of a site visit. Not only does a site visit help you understand the details of a hotel or venue, but travelling to the destination provides an opportunity to truly assess the vibe of a city. However, travel is limited these days. That’s why we created a video series called Montréal, from a distance.

With this video series — and its supporting information — we’ve removed much of the guesswork involved in planning a meeting. You’ll get a wide-angle snapshot of Montréal, and then you can zoom in to discover some of the city’s most popular and most unique properties. Let’s check them out.

Thinking big!

This clip provides a quick overview of some of Montréal’s largest and most popular venues. From our stunning convention centre to forward-thinking hotels, these are some of the best options for larger meetings and big events (500 people or more).

Thinking cozy…

When it comes to smaller-sized gatherings, Montréal is the perfect fit. From cozy cocktails to self-contained meetings to team building weekends, our hotels and venues provide exceptional settings for your people to connect with each other.

Discovering more venues

Now, let’s get specific about where your team might gather. Here are three short videos that highlight venues for meetings and social events in Montréal!

Exploring hotels

Montréal hotel options range from tried-and-true international brands to truly exceptional, locally owned boutique properties. What will be the best fit for your group? Here are four options.

Now that you’ve seen a few clips, maybe you’d like to explore even more hotels or event spaces? See all the videos on the Montréal, from a distance homepage!



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