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published on August 31, 2023
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Montréal’s world reputation in the fields of tech, neuroscience, education, aerospace, artificial intelligence and sustainable mobility and intelligent transportation is as a ground-breaking centre of research and development. That same innovative spirit is now drawing international players in the clean technology industry, rapidly making it one of our leading economic sectors, home to 400 cleantech companies and counting.

At the forefront of a fight against climate change

A key player in sustainable strategies, the province of Québec aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and was one of the first governments to introduce carbon pricing. Montréal makes its own contributions to this initiative on numerous fronts: Montréal was the first Canadian city to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index, we hosted the NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence and the second part of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) last year, and the Mayor of Montréal was appointed the first ICLEI Global Ambassador for Local Biodiversity.

The city places eco-responsibility at the heart of its DNA, making the cleantech industry a perfect fit.

A hotbed of cleantech expertise

Montréal’s clean technologies industry sees companies tackle several of the planet’s most pressing environmental technological concerns head on, from the electrification of the transportation network to decarbonization technologies, AgTech, bioenergy, sustainable aviation, waste and water management, and energy efficiency.

Areas of local cleantech innovation include:

  • Green chemistry
  • Green transportation
  • Building decarbonization
  • Agricultural technologies
  • Renewable energy

A highly educated workforce

Montréal has a deep and growing pool of highly qualified talent, with 575,800 STEM workers populating the city at any given time, and 70,000+ university students enrolled in cleantech-related programs. The local higher education scene makes Montréal a bona fide city of knowledge, home to a work force to be reckoned with.

Several institutions offer cleantech-related degrees and certificates, including:

A home base for world players

Thanks in part to this deep talent pool, the city’s competitive operating costs and a series of attractive tax and financial incentives from the Québec (and Canadian) governments, Montréal has attracted a number of important cleantech research facilities and organizations. Over 80,000 people work in cleantech-related jobs in Québec at more than 400 innovative companies, generating nearly $8 billion in annual revenue.

Major players based in the city like SNC-Lavalin live alongside new ground-breakers like Enerkem (who’ve developed a process of manufacturing biofuels and renewal chemical products from non-recyclable waste) and GHGSat (the world’s first high-resolution satellite capable of measuring greenhouse gas emissions from any industrial facility in the world).

A list of some of the ground-breakers active in Montréal include:


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