Montréal named the best student city in the Americas for the fifth year in a row!

published on August 12, 2021
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Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities ranking showcases the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into a selection of categories. Montréal has not only been ranked the top student city in Canada, but we’re also the top student city in all the Americas — for the fifth year in a row!

(Fine print: This year we’re sharing the top position in the Americas with the fine city of Boston. Congrats to our friends in Beantown!)

Let’s break it down

Using their fine-tuned methodology to determine what elements of city living are most important for students, QS looks at key factors like affordability, desirability, employer activity, and, above all else, the true student view of the city in which they study. We take our role as an international city of knowledge seriously, with four major universities –­ McGill (ranked as the 27th best university in the world), UQAM, Concordia, and Université de Montréal – and a vibrant, exciting student culture that plays an important part in the city’s social fabric. The city’s campuses are part of our bustling centre, and not off in another district and the rates of student satisfaction and desire to remain in Montréal after graduation are two of the highest in the world.

Top marks for Montréal

Montréal’s unbeatable je ne sais quoi, diversity, culture and quality of life all contribute to making sure every student’s experience in the city is unforgettable. And word amongst students is clearly getting out, with increasing enrolment numbers each and every year, with more than 35,000 international students making their way to the city. Here’s a few other areas in which Montréal stays at the top of the class:

  • Montréal is a world leading hub in AI, neuroscience, video games, pharma, aerospace and oncology, all offering a world of opportunity to graduates in the city.
  • Tuition fees in Montréal are the lowest in North America.
  • Montréal has been named the most reputable city in the Americas, and based on a list of 20 major cities in Canada and USA, Montréal comes in first place as the safest city.
  • Full of innovators and world changers, Montréal is a hotspot of startups and creativity marking the city as the place to be both before and after graduation.

I Choose Montréal, the Greater Montréal international student portal, links prospective students to everything they’d need to study in the city, including information on programs, accommodations and even immigration assistance. And there’s the bell – it’s time for class!


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