5 easy ways to incorporate wellness into your events

published on August 17, 2023
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These days there isn’t an event professional in sight that doesn’t keep wellness in mind. Call it a pandemic hangover, call it a Gen Z perspective — it’s become a norm for event and meeting attendees to expect more. From top to bottom, the focus is on overall unique experiences that spark joy and leave attendees with a feeling of well-being (something we’ve written about before). The Global Wellness Institute projects a 21% annual growth rate for wellness tourism through 2025. The Incentive Research Foundation also found that 87 percent of planners consider wellness a vital part of meeting prep — and attendees are just as enthusiastic. We’ve compiled these five pointers to integrate wellness into your next events.

Location, location, location

An inspiring environment prompts physical activity, so the choice of host venue is more than just selecting a room. A great example is the Montréal convention centre, Palais des congrès de Montréal, located at the crossroads between modern downtown and the cobblestone streets of Old Montréal. There’s a wealth of culture to explore not only within the area, but within the building itself, which ensures even busy attendees without much downtime get to experience some of the city’s unique attractions. Keeping attendees active and interested during breaks adds to their overall experience, keeping them both refreshed and recharged for the next presentation.

Food, glorious food

Food is one of the main things attendees will remember from an event. Healthier meal choices have proven to up happiness by boosting the natural production of dopamine, so swap out fatty pastry snacks for high-protein options like superfood smoothies to keep attendees energized throughout the day. Pick a catering company and offsite options that are sure to nourish and impress — guests love unique dining experiences that speak to the city they’re in and turn a simple meal into a forever-memory.

Wellness onsite

Montréal events like C2 Montréal and the recent Startupfest 2023 paid careful attention to incorporating wellness within their schedules or sites, either with programming like massage stations and meditation moments, or with chill-out zones that incorporated music, nature and a sense of space. At Startupfest, located in the majestic Grand Quai de Montréal on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, attendees could gaze for miles from the Grand Quai Tower or meet their Braindates on beanbags, lawn chairs or while lounging on the vast riverbank lawn, offering precious moments to recharge and remember.

Moving and grooving

To avoid the only exercise your attendees get being the mad dash from session to session, try offering morning yoga or fun runs before the presentations start. These free activities can be the best sites for offhand networking, and the friendly competition can have the cathartic effect of a good team-building activity. Runs also provide the opportunity for some sightseeing, especially if you get a local team like Business Events Montréal to help you map our different daily trajectories for every day. Make sure your attendees know what’s on-hand before filling their schedules, and create a snappy hashtag to get them enthused. If you build it, they will come.

Small details, big impact

Wellness can also be found in the details, taking such considerations into account as onsite recycling and composting to the lighting and temperature of meeting rooms. When planning presentations, stick with the Goldilocks rule: not too hot, not too cold, not too dark, and not too bright. It’s also important to keep duration to a tolerable period — try scheduling your presentations for 50 minutes followed by a 10-minute window allowing attendees to get to their next appointment at a relaxed, easy pace.


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