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published on October 22, 2019
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As sports take an ever-increasing role in cities around the world urban sports have risen in importance and visibility from active neighbourhood leagues and pick up games to fully-fledged Olympic events. And as the 2nd Best City In The World For Millennials, Montréal has fully embraced this trend.

Sports has always been a part of Montréal’s DNA, from the active city parks, bike lanes, ski hills and packed stadiums full of cheering fans. Given the city’s busy annual sports hosting schedule, it comes as little surprise that Montréal was once again named the Top Sports City for 2019 by the CTSA. And with each year, some of the coolest, most unmissable competitions in town are these unforgettable events, marking Montréal as a de facto hotspot of urban sports.


A blend of extreme urban activities, the thrilling Jackalope is the largest action sports event in Canada held each August at the legendary Parc Olympique. Featuring BMX, base jumping, fixed gear riding and bouldering, Jackalope is also the only Canadian stop on the World Cup skateboard circuit. Beloved by adrenaline junkies young and old, Jackalope’s nail-biting action leaves everyone on the edge of their seats – and also offers a chance to get up close to Olympic hopefuls in skateboarding and bouldering, both added as official sports at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


Perched high over the open waters of the Parc Jean-Drapeau Aquatic Complex, Psicobloc competitors climb a difficult overhang course, literally hanging by their fingertips. Over the course of two days competitors from around the world will show off their agility, speed and endurance without ropes, equipment or a safety net as they tackle the 15 metre (55 feet)-high inverse wall. (But worry not – if they lose their grip, there’s a deep pool waiting to catch them).

FIBA 3X3 World Tour

Three-on-three basketball is not only the largest urban team sport in the world, particularly in Western Europe and Asia – as of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it’s a bonafide Olympic sport. For 2019-2021, Montréal is an international FIBA Three-on-Three World Tour host city – so game on!

2019 International WFTDA Championships

The biggest battle for the title in the International Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Championships is coming to Montréal November 7-10, 2019 at Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard. It may be winter, but on this roller derby track it’s sure to be fiery hot.

Vans Park Series

The world’s premiere park terrain skateboarding tour, the Vans Park Series thrilled Montréalers at the Men’s Pro Tour Final on July 12-13, 2019. Better yet, the Parc Olympique is now outfitted with a world-class state-of-the-art skate park constructed to the Vans Park Series’ exacting specifications.

Empire Open

The Empire Open National Skateboarding Championships celebrated 20 years of competition in Montréal on August 29-31, 2019. Offering equal prize purse for both men and women, the EO is setting trends in the world of skateboarding.

Dime Street Challenge

With skateboarding taking on the status of official Olympic sport in 2020, the organizers of Dime Street Challenge wanted to bring it back to the streets with a series of challenges using the topography of Montréal's iconic Olympic Stadium. Full of leaps over picnic tables, down railings and eye-popping staircase jumps, the Dime Street Challenge is a street skater's paradise.

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