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published on February 8, 2024
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Artificial intelligence is a core industry in Montréal, where the World Summit AI for the Americas is soon to take place. AI is already commonly used by event professionals for content creation, optimization and engagement boosting, mostly thanks to ChatGPT — but there are industry-specific tools that go beyond that. Here are 15 of our favourite AI tools for event planning, bookings, language services, travel curation, podcasting and more. 


SPARK is a for-us by-us tool AI developed PCMA exclusively for the purposes of the business events community. It’s free, for one, as well as a truly useful educational tool that serves to illustrate the evolving potential of AI for the industry. Play around with it to get immediate help for routine event planning tasks and to explore how AI can enhance your skills and expertise.


Developed in Canada in 2012, vFairs is an all-in-one events platform that can help you launch custom branded event sites, simplify onsite check-in, elevate attendee experiences with branded mobile apps and expand your reach with hybrid events. Get real-time event analytics, easily share data and lean on their renowned customer service even in the thick of things.


Attendease is another Canadian-made event automation platform for event teams that enables a repeatable, scalable event planning and execution process. It will help you simplify the entire event process for everything from team management to registration and ticketing, website design, speaker scheduling, data collection and more.


Probably the most ubiquitous tool of its kind, Cvent is the largest event and hospitality technology company in the world. Integrated into their all-in-one planning tool, their AI Writing Assistant can be used to create engaging content of all kinds. Centralizes your tasks and enjoy access to Cvent’s impressive global ecosystem of suppliers and hoteliers.


Integrated within the user-friendly ClickUp event management platform, ClickUp AI is the only AI-powered assistant tailored to event professionals. It features hundreds of research-backed prompts to help you find vendors, venues or speakers, conceive of session topics, hold you team accountable, create automated actions and track your budget.


This generative tool by OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, is designed to create realistic images from text descriptions, which can be used by event professionals to create unique visuals for everything from promotion to speaker images to event banners. You can even use DALL-E 2 to sketch out venue design ideas. 


Synthesia is an AI-powered video generator that enables you to replace boring text, PowerPoints and PDFs with text-to-speech videos. It’s a great tool to turn up the engagement factor on speaker introductions, event recaps, in-venue instructions and marketing. You’ll have a library of 140 avatars and 120 languages to choose from to create your own customized event videos.


There are many AI tools out there for marketing, but what distinguishes Jasper for event professionals is that it goes beyond just the content and image creation, and has integrated apps that help you actually get the message out to your audience. It’s ideal for writing blogs, generating content calendars, planning social media campaigns and optimizing SEO.


Kayak was among the first flight sites to integrate with ChatGPT, making your search for the most affordable and direct way to get your speakers to destination extra easy. The AI app’s ability to synthesize natural language means you can type in detailed instructions and expect more carefully curated suggestions.


For greater accessibility and international impact, Wordly is an AI tool for direct translation and caption creation in over 50 languages. Make your events more inclusive than ever: your attendees will be able to hear translated audio, read translated subtitles, read same language captions and access text transcripts.


Fireflies is an AI tool that can automatically transcribe, summarize, search and analyze audio and video recordings of meetings, making note-taking a thing of the past. It offers a number of features tailored to event professionals, including the creation of summaries — perfect for presentation recaps — as well as identifying key talking points and generating action items.


Save yourself the casting call for event presenter and use Murf’s AI-generated announcer voice for pre-talk housekeeping. This text-to-speech engine generates lifelike vocal recordings in 15 languages (and 100 distinct 100 voices) that can be easily integrated into marketing campaigns or video content, for narrations and voice-overs.

Meeting Owl 3

This AI-powered video conferencing tool can help make your meetings instantly more dynamic for your virtual audience by automatically panning and zooming to keep all participants in view. Event professionals also appreciate Meeting Owl’s features designed to improve the quality of video calls, such as noise cancellation.


Leave a lasting impression of your event by creating content that lives on in podcast form thanks to this platform, designed to combine your audio recordings with AI tools that can help edit them into high-quality sound bites and recordings that sound professionally edited. Your clear and polished Podcastle recordings will come complete with transcripts. 


Want a rousing riff to pump up a speaker walk-on, or a relaxing background soundtrack for the chill-out room? Turn to Soundraw, an AI -powered music generator that can help you tailor royalty-free music. Based on prompts about genre, instruments, mood and track length, it’ll compose tunes that you can then integrate into your media at will. 


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