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published on September 5, 2023
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Montréal’s nightlife is renowned, but so, in fact, is its evening life. More and more hospitality promoters are capitalizing on the local love of gourmet wining and dining by folding it into the nightlife experience of supper clubs. Kicking off your offsites with wonderful food, these clubs will help you segue seamlessly into a dance party as the hours pass. Here are some stellar Montréal super clubs that offer larger-than-life group rental experiences, each of them promising to turn your offsite into a night to remember.

Yoko Luna

Located on de la Montagne in downtown Montréal’s Golden Square Mile, Yoko Luna is appropriately gilded: it’s one of Canada’s largest supper club experiences, with a cavernous main space presided over by a 15-foot-tall Geisha.

Vibe: Fantastical and luxurious with a splash of decadence, serving gourmet Nikkei food, aka a happy marriage of Japanese and Peruvian, alongside one of the largest selections of Japanese whiskies in town.

Capacity: For small to very large events, thanks to a 20,000-square-foot space that can be divided into four different private sections. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.

Boa Vida

A yacht club on the banks of the St. Lawrence, Boa Vida is right by Quai Jacques-Cartier in the Old Port. It lights the night up with a vast indoor space that spills into a sun-soaked terrasse.

Vibe: The seafood-heavy menu (think grilled octopus, seafood towers and raw bar) boasts a Latin twist, including tacos and incredible craft cocktails.

Capacity: For small to large events, with three different sections offering a variety of entertainment options. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


This Vietnamese fine dining spot in Griffintown features sumptuous décor with bit a modernist forest feel, with wooden “trees” and a velvety, twinkling atmosphere.

Vibe: Presided over by the Tran family, locally famous for their food, Hang is touted as Montréal’s first haute cuisine Vietnamese restaurant, featuring luxe dishes like Wagyu Pho: noodle soup made with Wagyu beef and a broth simmered for 14 hours. Top notch mixology with an Asian inflection turns this place into a party as the night progresses.

Capacity: From small to medium events, with three different sections that can be distinct or booked together. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


Experience the roaring ‘20s with a highly polished feel at Bord’Elle, in the heart of downtown. The space recreates the glam and Gatsby grandeur of that era with a twist of avant-garde.

Vibe: Bord’elle balances classy and gritty, and puts on a show with word-class burlesque and aerial performances and a menu featuring shrimp cocktail, French dip sliders and beef tartare.

Capacity: From small to large events, with three different sections that can be mix-and-matched based on needs. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


This Old Montréal spot brings to mind an alleyway in Brooklyn circa 1992, with brick walls and graffiti and a bona fide basketball court (it’s that big). Add a touch of the exotic with jungle like overgrowth set to the beat of old school hip pop.

Vibe: Farsides’ casual backyard décor somehow works with the exotic menu reinventing Thai traditions with a Hawaiian twist. The signature cocktails will also take you to the islands.

Capacity: From small to large events, with two floors and an open-air patio that can be customized. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.

New City Gas

Located on the historic New City Gas site in the heart of Griffintown, Mediterranean restaurant Bazart specializes in mezze, charcoal grills and cocktails. Its lush décor is inspired by the beach restaurants of Mykonos, Ibiza and Tulum, while its musical program features local and international artists and musicians from all four corners of the globe. Although not exactly a "Supper Club", it's not uncommon for the fun to continue well beyond the culinary!

Atmosphere: The premises are warm and inviting, with lush vegetation. The covered terrace is ideal for brunches, happy hours and musical evenings.

Capacity: For small or large-scale events, contact their team for more details.

Time Supper Club

Located in an industrial 1930s building just west of the downtown core, Time Supper Club was the first of its kind when it opened in 2002. The chandelier-lit dining arena is all glint and glamour until the tables are removed and the dancing gets going. 

Vibe: The food is Euro-style tapas, but the vibe is sultry and recalls Miami clubs with its mood-setting lighting and deep beats. In summer the club opens up a large tented terrace where partyers can lounge on daybeds.

Capacity: For small to large events, depending on the season. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


With its beautifully designed interior full of conversation nooks and industrial-chic touches (including murals by renowned local artists Stikki Peaches and Kevin Ledo), downtown’s Flyjin offers a warm and intimate environment known for its great music.

Vibe: With a chic Asian Brasserie feel, the menu highlights Japanese culinary traditions but extends well beyond (think lobster tacos, tuna pizza and sizzling pork belly), it offers great drinks including a wide selection of private import Japanese whiskeys, sakes, wines and beers. 

Capacity: For small to large events. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


212 offers groups an immersive nightclub experience in the Old Port, either for its sultry indoor space or its gorgeous terrasse.

Vibe: Fill up on the restaurant’s AAA Angus burger, rack of lamb or duck ravioli before letting the drinks take over (a few agave martinis, maybe, or the signature Le 212 made with Aupale, Martini Rosso, St-Germain, lime and yuzu) and hitting the club zone.

Capacity: For small to medium events. Contact their corporate events services for specific details.


Located downtown, Soubois is a supper club that’s cool and moody thanks to a unique wooden décor. Discover an enchanted underground forest where delightful culinary creations await before the dance party vibe take over.

Vibe: Bright and delicious in the evening (with a raw bar and sharing plates) and obscure and mysterious at night, thanks to fantastic music and a vibrant and exciting energy.

Capacity: For small to medium events. Contact their private events services for specific details.


Who knew the heart of Old Montréal was such a great place to savour Latin cuisine. Santos has been serving up its fresh tapas and a unique selection of cocktails since 2007.

Vibe: The tapas menu is no-nonsense but covers all bases, from seafood to vegetarian to meaty goodness like AAA ribeye with chirmol sauce. Bottle service includes a wide selection of premium tequilas, and their house cocktail list includes some bangers like the Turbo V12, sure to charge your battery for the party part of the night: vodka and Red Bull with citronella and Sichuan peppercorn.

Capacity: For small to medium events. Contact their private events services for specific details.

La Voûte

Step into this 1920s bank vault in Old Montréal and you’ll be immersed in an elegant and lavish club atmosphere. La Voûte is located in the city’s inaugural skyscraper, ex-home to Montréal’s first Royal Bank building.

Vibe: The soaring ceilings exude a natural grandeur, while the dark and moody vibe gets going as the night progresses and the impressive light system kicks in. The menu leans Japanese (from maki to a shareable Tomahawk steak) and the cocktails and list of natural wines are worth the visit in themselves.

Capacity: For medium to large events of up to 570 people, with two separate spaces that can be rented alone or together. Contact their private events services for more details.


Pangea is the largest restaurant-bar-terrasse-supper club venue in Old Montréal, just steps away from Place Jacques-Cartier. It’s a lush Mediterranean oasis decorated with full-size trees and greenery galore.

Vibe: Light and airy with Euro chic Mediterranean vibes, this casual beach house offers seasonal menus that celebrate fresh market flavours with dishes like carpaccio, juicy grilled shrimp or lamb chops with salsa verde over Parmesan polenta. Their cocktails are delicious. Take the Little Red Dress: vodka, Pimms, blood orange Campari, aloe and Earl Grey syrup.

Capacity: Small to large groups of up to 1,100 people, with many distinct spaces that can be separated or paired. Contact their private events services for more details.

La Nuit Shanghai

Located across the river, in Brossard at Quartier DIX30, La Nuit Shanghai is worth the shuttle service to be transported to the high life in Shanghai circa 1930, both in décor and in menu.

Vibe: Flamboyant and raucous, this club offer musical, acrobatic and burlesque variety shows all evening and night. The menu at the crossroads between Europe and Asia: crispy duck rolls, fragrantly spiced fried calamari and a beguiling selection of dim sum.

Capacity: For small to large events, thanks to a 6,000 square foot space that can be adapted in various ways. Contact their corporate events services for more details.


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