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published on April 18, 2024
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The event industry is built upon a strong foundation of relationships. But for those just starting out in the sector, it’s sometimes hard to know where to look for leadership or who to network with. In short, it’s wonderful to build relationships — but first we need to know who to build with. Here is a round-up of event professionals and thought leaders who are making valuable contributions across a broad spectrum of event-related domains, and who are definitely worth a follow.

Julius Solaris: @tojulius

Julius is an events and media consultant, founder of management consultancy agency Boldpush, and was the original creator of influential media outlets EventMB and Showthemes. He’s got his finger firmly on the pulse.

Sherrif Karamat: @SherrifK

President and CEO at PCMA since 2018, Sherrif is a leading voice on cultural transformation and growth mindset to engage membership and audience. He shares key industry news.

Miguel Neves: @miguelseven

The editor-in-chief of Skift Meetings is a go-to voice of progress and trend-spotting in the industry. From whitepapers to one-on-ones, follow him to read the latest hot news.

Jillian Cardinal: @JillianInMTL

Hailing from Montréal, Jillian is host of @theeventprofsbc book club and an electrifying speaker and a strategically creative experience designer. She’s a great source of news and positivity.

Ahn Nguyen: @atnguyen

Anh is the founder of Spark Event Management, an award-winning, full-service event management firm and the Spark Event Collective, a network of independent planners collaborating to deliver event experiences. Her posts are quippy and entertaining.

Eduardo Chaillo: @echaillo

A natural connector of meeting and tourism professionals globally, Eduardo served for 6 years on the ICCA Board of Directors; he also serves in PCMA’s Board of Trustees. Follow him for interestingly curated links and news on the Latin American events scene.

Nick Borelli: @NickBorelli

Dedicated to empowering event profs with AI, Nick has spent 20+ years in digital and in-person experience design, he’s a passionate visionary who shares all his latest thoughts, connections and good reads.

Devin Cleary: @DevCleary

Davin was listed on the Top 25 Event Innovators to Follow on Twitter via BizBash, so we’re not the only ones to love his perspective on diverse experiential marketing programs for B2B, nonprofit and consumer markets.

Ruud Janssen: @RuudWJanssen

Author, digital event strategist, visual thinker, consultant and serial entrepreneur, Ruud is a radically creative voice who inspires with his posts about everything from sneakers to fresh invaluable reads. Meeting Professionals International Magazine has deemed him among the most influential meeting profs shaping the future of the industry. 

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue: @eventmindpro

Ashanti is a DEI Practitioner, a guest lecturer and speaker, and the Co-Founder of Diversity In Events Awards and Diverse Supplier Show.

Tommy Goodwin: @tommygoodwin

With a blend of professionalism and dad jokes, Tommy tweets about government relations, global public affairs, and association management. He’s also big into football.

Alissa Hurley: @AlissaHurley

Representing Canada on this list, Alissa is the VP of @mcveighmeetings. She’s also big into digital marketing and dogs!

Kate Patay, CPCE: @katepatay

A recognized brand strategist and event consultant, Kate Patay helps businesses and individuals identify and amplify their distinctive brand and voice. And she helps them host stellar events.

Howard Givner: @hgivner

Howard is an event industry, ed-tech and business growth strategist, innovator and speaker. He’s also the founder of @Eventleaders and a developer of Super Planner app.

Latoya Williams: @mrscwilliams56

Latoya provides clients with a highly detailed and personalized event planning service that is fresh, creative and sure to exceed your highest expectations.

David Kliman: @davidkliman

David is a meeting facilitator, trend hunter, connector of people and ideas. He is also a pilot and world traveller.

Adam Parry: @punchtownparry

Co-founder of basically everything event tech related: @eventnewsblog@eventtechlive@eventtechawards@SEventAwards. He is also founder of The #EventTech Founders Forum.

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE: @aimafidon

Passionate about maths, technology and helping others, Dr. Anne-Marie is an author, and the creator and CEO of @Stemettes. She also collaborates with #WomenTechCharge podcast and serves as a trustee with @FutureWorkInst.


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