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published on June 23, 2022
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There’s no denying it: Montréal has a reputation for being a good time. One doesn’t have to wander too far in the history books (or scroll a Wikipedia page) to see evidence of this. During the prohibition years, Americans would journey to Montréal to indulge in such scornfully lewd activities as “drinking” and “gambling.” During this time period, our flirtatious French-Canadian city was unrivalled in the debauchery department and earned the label as North American’s “Sin City.”

While Montréal has certainly matured, we’re still happy to boast a thriving nightlife scene. Here are ten classy nightlife venues for an enjoyable evening — all relatively close to Montréal’s convention centre.


Le Mal Nécessaire

For the tropical tastes

A modern Tiki bar hidden in the heart of Chinatown? Yup. From the design to the flavours, Le Mal Nécessaire has it all on point. The tipples are like nothing you’ve tasted. Try the tropically refreshing Chia Fresca: gin, cucumber, coconut water, chia seeds (yes), lemon and Thai basil. 1106 B, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Maggie Oakes

For a steak with your wine

Part of the stunning Hôtel William Gray, the stunning long gray marble bar at Maggie Oakes also features an oyster and charcuterie station. The cocktail list is concise but sophisticated. If you’re staying for dinner, the dry-aged steaks balance out with an arsenal of colourful vegetables. 426 Place Jacques-Cartier


For a taste of Tokyo

Head two blocks south of the convention centre for a Japanese vibe. In the spirit of isakayas, Flyjin serves Japanese snacks (miso baked oysters, anyone?) alongside cocktails that break the mold with their unique Asian inflections. Try the Zen Buddha: a fragrant blend of Korean soju, cucumber juice, mint infused syrup, fresh lime juice and bubbles. 417 Rue Saint-Pierre


For bustling business types

This former-fur-warehouse-turned-wine-bar is a popular happy hour destination for dishy local lawyers and visiting startup entrepreneurs. The wine card at Furco is adorned with private imports, including organic options, while the menu — hung on a line with clothes pins — focuses on simple, fresh, shareable dishes. Bonus: they take reservations. 425 Mayor Street

Sarah B

For bohemians at heart

The voluptuous absinthe bar — located in the InterContinental hotel — owes its name to a French woman named Sarah Bernhardt who is considered the queen of French tragedy. Select a cocktail and a platter of Provencal bites or reserve the alcoves of “la fée verte” (the Green Fairy), which are perfect for small groups.  360 Rue Saint-Antoine West

Maison Saint-Paul

To sabre the top off a champagne bottle

An original sabering bar with a long list of private imports for all tastes and budgets — and they’ll lend you a sabre to slash open your own bottle. While the essence of champagne may scream posh, the atmosphere at the Maison Saint-Paul is refined, but casual. Fresh and bright, it offers a lively setting to enjoy bubbles any day of the week. 343 Saint-Paul Street East

John Michael's Pub

For the elevated pub grub

A great place to enjoy some pub grub with a pint, John Michael’s Pub (JMP) in Old Montréal serves up a simple, fresh menu of comfort food in a fun, easy-going atmosphere. What’s more, this fun brew stop overlooks the buzzing Place Jacques-Cartier for live entertainment all year round. 459 Place Jacques-Cartier

Jardin Nelson

For the courtyard splendor

A true haven where you can bask in the warm summer atmosphere, Jardin Nelson is the setting for good food, exceptional service, and an impressive variety of greenery. Savour the pleasures of sangrias, refreshing cocktails, and al fresco dining. Bonus: the open-air restaurant often hosts live music. 407 Place Jacques-Cartier

Bistro Brasserie Les Soeurs Grises

For the microbrew crew

Brewed in the heart of Old Montréal for the past decade, the vast variety of beers available range from traditional to delightfully unorthodox. There’s something for every taste at Soeurs Grises (Grey Nuns) and the knowledgeable staff knows how to pair each brew perfectly with each meal they prepare. 32 McGill Street

Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

For swingin’ cool cats

Warm and inviting, “Upstairs” serves crowd-pleasing dishes (think burgers, seafood, pasta and salads), but it’s the diverse musical menu that really draws the crowds. Visiting jazz enthusiasts and local musicians gather in an intimate setting where they can appreciate a range of styles, from red-hot swinging trumpet solos to wistful piano ballads.  1254 Mackay Street


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