Montréal Alliance: Meet the city’s new basketball team

published on February 17, 2022
What's New in Montréal Sporting event

Professional basketball is coming to Montréal. The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) announced last autumn that the Montréal Alliance is being added as the ninth franchise and will begin play in 2022 at one of Montréal’s most historic venues: the Verdun Auditorium.

What’s in a name?

Montréal is a mosaic of more than 120 cultural communities that embrace creativity, diversity, and inclusion. Our differences make up the richness of our population, creating a vibrant and dynamic city. Alliance brings together people from different backgrounds with unique stories, creating a sense of pride and belonging like never before. Simply put, Montréal is what Alliance is all about.

Sport has the power to unite communities by aligning athletes, fans, and corporate and community partners with the sport they love. The Montréal Alliance will be part of a new basketball experience by playing the faster-paced FIBA style. It’s the only pro league in the world that uses Elam Ending for every game, and aligning sport, music, and fan-friendly entertainment. It’s the sport version of Montréal’s legendary joie de vivre — the joy of living.

Let’s get this ball rolling

The Montréal Alliance's inaugural season schedule features the team's participation in the 2022 opening game of the CEBL. The season kicks off in Ontario against Hamilton on May 25. The team will then return to Montréal for its first home game in franchise history on May 29, against Scarborough.

The Alliance will also host every team of the league once during the regular season (with the exception of Newfoundland who will come to Montréal for back-to-back games on July 22 and 24). The CEBL Championship Weekend will be held in Ottawa from August 10-14.

A historic venue

Being the oldest arena in Montréal, the Verdun Auditorium has been the pride and joy of Verdun (the name of a neighbourhood in Montréal) for almost a century. Originally built during the Great Depression, it has recently been renovated with a multimillion-dollar facelift that required a temporary closure for four years. Having had different vocations over the years, such as being occupied by the Canadian Armed Forces and being home to many sport teams, this historical building is now welcoming professional basketball.

With seats for 3500 spectators, the auditorium is an ideal option for a variety of tournaments and sporting events. When not being used for basketball, event organizers have access to locker rooms, meeting rooms, spaces for ticketing, concession stands, and much more.



Cheat Sheet

Team: Montréal Alliance

Venue: The Verdun Auditorium (4110 Boulevard LaSalle, Verdun)


Twitter: @mtl_alliance

Instagram: @alliancemontreal


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