Presenting the participants of Zú's 2020 Genesis Program – Facing the Crisis

published on July 13, 2020
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No question about it – we’re in a rapidly changing world and the establishment of a new normal is bringing with it creative solutions to universal adjustments. Presented by local creative hub and incubator Zú, the Genesis Program – Facing the Crisis has just announced the 10 startups involved in its 2020 program!

Weathering the storm creatively

Based around two challenges faced by society in times of Covid-19, namely creating new technological tools to humanize the virtual world and developing innovative entertainment formats, the Genesis Program’s 10 selected startups are sure to make a lasting impression.

-    Ellicom’s Plateforme Vx sequences immersive, humanized experiences.

-    Fanslab and Float4’s Fanslab strengthens human connection through collaborative content and events.

-    Hub Studio’s In bocca al lupo brings a new look at public space as an unfolding, sculptural poetic spectacle.

-    Lorganisme’s Under water is an interdisciplinary work featuring underwater dance

-    Oki Spectacles’ Langevin virtuel bring’s illusionist Luc Langevin’s magic into a personalized space

-    Prologue AI’s VoiceTrip offers geolocated content for destinations – a travel guide in your pocket!

-    Signal Space Lab’s Becoming a R.A.T. is an interactive, cinematic virtual reality hacking experience blending live action and CGI.

-    Spoken Adventures blends role-playing games and audiobooks with voice-driven interactive narratives.

-    WallrusWallrus Digital Festival Platform aims to redefine a virtual space for unforgettable collective experiences.

A golden collaboration

Brought together by Zú and fellow Montréal-based incubator La Piscine the Genesis Program is a keystone part of Le Collectif's startup support programs, including collaboration from La Guilde du jeu video du Québec, Xn Québec and Ville de Montréal. Through offering fertile ground and contact with groundbreaking industry leaders, the Genesis Program is sure to bring innovative solutions to overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

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