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published on July 27, 2017
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One of the best parts of travel is the opportunity to meet and engage with new people. But connecting with dynamic individuals who share professional passions is not always an obvious task. In Montréal, Yulism exists to connect visitors into local social and professional ecosystems.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s unpack the name of this company. Yulism references the official international airport code for the Montréal–Trudeau International Airport: YUL. Add “-ism” — a suffix used in philosophy to define specific ideologies — and, voila, we have a nouveau term that denotes the distinctive spirit of Montréal.

Founded by Stéphane Martel and Olivier Offman (who, notably, have helped develop C2 Montréal), Yulism helps business event organizers connect clients to the local community. They do this by setting up one-off sharing and networking activities with Montréal’s business, knowledge and talent economies.

In their words, “We exist to spark meaningful human collisions.”


Yulism caters to business travelers who “have seen it all” and are now looking for authentic experiences. What does their business offering actually look like? Here are some concrete services that Yulism creates and curates.

  1. Concierge services. Hyper-personalized, this goes beyond the traditional “make me a reservation at a restaurant” kinds of services. They help build connections between peers who are seeking specific kinds of sharing and/or knowledge.
  2. Learning events. Working closely with conference organizers, Yulism can set up workshops (or other type of learning events) with Montréal talent. The local talent can lead sessions related to the visiting group’s theme, sector or mission.
  3. Off-site visits. Meet local champions in their milieus and see innovative projects first-hand. But it doesn’t have to be all business — leisure experiences, such as food tasting, is also an option.


If an organizer waits until attendees are on site, it is too late to set up some of the rich, personalized and meaningful connections with the local community or local people. By making contact early, Yulism begins to discover the additional reasons that the participant is coming to Montréal — the stuff that goes beyond the conference program itself.

“We don’t fit in the traditional event landscape,” says Stéphane Martel, “Our raison d’être is to transform business travellers into local insiders.”

A perfect example is the recent Metropolis congress, which welcomed 140 mayors to Montréal. Yulism created networking spaces for urban leaders, as well as a selection of offsite activities.

If your team just wants to buy tickets to see Cirque du Soleil, you don’t need us,” explains Martel, “Our added value is much more immersive. We’ll get you the tickets, but then we’ll take you back stage to meet the artists and visit the workshops. We offer tailored experiences that can’t simply be bought from a generic vendor.”

With that in mind, what could Yulism do for your attendees?


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