Yulism: taking network connections to a new level

published on February 9, 2023
Montréal Partners

Change happens all around us, and faster than ever. And that’s a good thing! In fact, business event concierges Yulism have staked their reputation on it. The Montréal-based experts in business networking and knowledge sharing have made it their brand to harness transformation. To them, it’s the key to innovation and a fundamental reinvention of the events industry.

Embracing the sheer potential of innovation

From their position in the avant-garde of the events industry, Yulism are skilled at capitalizing on change, whether it’s a simple tweak or a total revolution of their partners’ perspective. Their goal is to act as a catalyst to light a match that – whoosh! – illuminates unforeseen paths to unforgettable results.

Their system is based on four fundamental values:

  • We’re all human. Everything starts with the fact that we’re all feeling, breathing humans. It’s essential that we think of others, and understand their needs and expectations, in order to build fruitful relationships.
  • Think fresh. The status quo is old news. Innovation is brought to life by curiosity, creativity and the freedom to indulge in crazy ideas. Comfort zones are to be avoided.
  • Let’s play! Yulism’s secret sauce is not to take themselves too seriously. Their projects are exciting experiments, always with a sense of whimsy and innovation. Their aim is to stay playful with their partners – that’s how unexpected experiences arise.
  • Leave them thinking. Events are seen as ephemeral happenings, but the best of their kind leave lasting and meaningful positive results. If you help your participants develop skills, produce fresh ideas or meet incredible people, they will never forget.

Montréal curators to life-changing connections

Facilitating authentic relationships is at the heart of Yulism’s savoir faire. With their access to Montréal’s most unique spaces and activities, they’re experts at welcoming the international events community and integrating them into the local ecosystem.

From bespoke itineraries to key introductions, they can help anchor their partners in the local scene of their choice – all the while seeking out new ways to enhance and transform the impact of events.

Working with local innovators like Yulism is just one of the ways that Business Events Montréal connects you to creative minds and unique experiences.


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