The world’s biggest public transit event is happening in Montréal

published on May 11, 2017
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The Global Public Transport Summit is about to begin in Montréal. The distinctive event — which covers both urban and regional transport — combines a full programme of congress sessions. It also includes an exhibition of the latest solutions, innovations and products in public transport and urban mobility.


The summit is hosted by UITP (The International Association of Public Transport), an organization that brings together 1,400-member companies from 96 countries. The members include public transport operators and authorities, policy decision makers, research institutes and the public transport supply and service industry.

From May 15 – 17, approximately 6000 global professionals will transport themselves (pun intended) to Montréal. The summit takes place at the local convention centre: the Palais des congrès de Montréal.


The theme for the 2017 Global Public Transport Summit is “LEAD the TRANSITion.” (See what they did there?) It was chosen to reflect the current evolutions taking place within the public transport sector. For instance, how does mobile technology impact the way citizens interact with local transport providers? How will advancements in green energy shape the future of transport? How are innovators — such as Uber — shaping the way we think about movement?

The UITP posits that the transit community must face these challenges directly, and develop an active role in the evolving world of public transport and urban mobility.


Over the last few years, public transport has enjoyed an historic success in the Montréal region, which saw an impressive 514.7m journeys made on public transport in 2015. According to the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) ridership reports statistics, the Montréal Metro is the third most utilized rapid transit system in North America, trailing only New York City and Mexico City.

Here’s some of what the UITP had to say about Montréal as a host city:

“Today, the metropolitan area [of Montréal] is shifting toward integrated mobility. The goal is to offer diversified modes of public transport, together with an environment conducive to active transport on the part of the citizens, while pursuing efforts to implement traffic calming measures along with infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.


Clearly, Montréal is intent on distinguishing itself as a city of innovation by favouring new technologies and, above all, transportation electrification.”


Welcome everyone to Montréal!


Event: Global Public Transport Summit
Dates: 15-17 May 2017
Organized by: UITP, The International Association of Public Transport
Attendees expected: 6000
Venue: Palais des congrès de Montréal