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published on April 9, 2024
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Now celebrating its sixth edition, World Summit AI Americas returns to Montréal — where it has held its in-person events since 2019 — to connect the AI community with two packed days of AI content, on April 24 and 25, 2024. The progressive event brings together global AI leaders from enterprise, big tech, startups, academia, law, government and investment to tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda. This edition features a slew of prescient themes, including cybersecurity and the implementation of AI in the workplace.

A cornucopia of stellar content

Forbes Magazine has described World Summit AI Americas as “a global force for good, focusing the attention of the data science and business communities on how our most cutting-edge tools can deliver a brighter future for us all.” 

It’s an honour for Montréal to be so synonymous of this prestigious international event, having hosted its in-person events since 2019. The event was first created in 2017 by the UK-based firm Inspired Minds, which boasts 20 years of experience in technology and large-scale, festival-style summits and unites the world’s largest and most active AI community: 220,000 in more than 160 countries.

The 2024 summit will seek to answer a variety of probing questions for participants:

  • AI adoption: What drives successful AI adoption in enterprise?
  • Human-centered AI: How will the rise of Generative AI drive the conversation around the need for human-centered AI?
  • Maximizing the AI opportunity: Should we sprint towards an AI-powered future or take a careful walk, balancing innovation and safety?
  • Cybersecurity: How will LLMs and AI impact the cybersecurity landscape?
  • AI and the workplace: How should we prepare for the era of an augmented workforce?
  • Democratising AI knowledge: Can we democratize knowledge around AI and Responsible AI so people can meaningfully understand the impacts, harms and opportunities of the single biggest technological innovation in a generation?

Important Montréal voices onstage

As home base to leading AI organizations like MILA (the Montréal Institute for Learning Algorithms), IVADO (Institute for Data Valorisation), big business initiatives like MicrosoftMetaSamsung and Google, and an ever-growing crop of trend-setting startups, Montréal is at the international forefront of artificial intelligence technologies. Some of the brightest minds in Montréal’s AI scene will be speaking at the World Summit AI, known for having the best-of-the-best speakers every year:

Yoshua Benjio. Recognized worldwide as one of the leading experts in artificial intelligence, Bengio is most known for his pioneering work in deep learning, earning him the 2018 A.M. Turing Award, “the Nobel Prize of Computing,” with Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun.

Joëlle Pineau. Pineau is co-director of the Reason and Learning Lab at McGill University. Her research ranges from seismic developments in healthcare, to AI, to gaming. Her work at McGill in utilizing AI to improve the treatment of heart disease and cancer has earned her a Governor General’s Innovation Award.

Doina Precup. Precup is Research Team Lead at Deepmind, a Senior Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, a member of MILA’s scientific committee and Associate Scientific Director of Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives, and interdisciplinary neuroscience and big data research initiative at McGill. 

Fatih Nayebi. Nayebi has more than 15 years of industry experience in software engineering and architecture in various fields. His specialties include applied predictive and optimization models, human-computer interaction, functional programming, machine learning, and mobile application architecture and development. He is VP of Data and AI for the ALDO Group Inc.

Irina Rish. Rish is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Operations Research Department at the Université de Montréal and a core faculty member of MILA. Her research focus is on machine learning, neural data analysis and neuroscience-inspired AI. 

Adriana Romero Soriano. Romero Soriano is a research scientist at Meta AI (FAIR), an adjunct professor at McGill University, a core industry member of MILA, and a Canada CIFAR AI Chair. Her research includes building models of the world with the goal to improve impactful downstream applications responsibly. 

Guillaume Lajoie. Associate Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department of McGill University and core academic member of MILA, Lajoie is interested in the interactions and commonalities of biological and artificial neural computations. His research group works at the intersection of AI and neuroscience.

Natalie Mayerhofer. Mayerhofer is Associate to the Chief Learning Officer at the CHUM. During her international career, she has developed expertise in innovation policy, program evaluation, strategic planning and the applications of AI in healthcare.

 To learn more about the conference and all its stellar speakers, peruse the lineup here.

Cheat sheet

Event: World Summit AI Americas

Dates: April 24  and 25, 2024

Venue: Palais des congrès de Montréal




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