Why Montréal is great for Millennials

published on August 18, 2016
What's New in Montréal Trends and Technology

The vogue word “Millennials” has been buzzing for a few years now — and it’s not going to disappear anytime soon. Forbes magazine has reported that the demographic represents an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power, meaning that Millennials will be setting trends and influencing business strategy for many years to come. As such, you best become familiar with this section of folks.


Demographers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid- to late-1900s as final birth years for the Millennial Generation. The group is highly educated, career-driven, politically progressive and use multiple tech devices. Sick and tired of corporate greed, Millennials are brand loyal, especially to those brands that emphasize social and environmental purpose. It’s also helpful to note that they have less respect for traditional hierarchies.


Millennials and Montréal exude similar characteristics. Here are just a few ways that we fit well together.

We’re both tech savvy. Millennials know their way around a mobile device, they are in tune with the latest technological advances and they know that technology will shape the future. Increasingly, Montréal’s has technology at the heart of its economy. The city was recently named the Intelligent Community of the Yearand the local startup scene is one of the best in North America. Montréal also has a thriving video game industry, as well as a blooming virtual reality sector.


We both appreciate diversity. Millennials are the first generation to widely embrace cultural changes toward social justice, such as the acceptance of same-sex marriage. Montréal is a patchwork quilt of people and cultures, and we celebrate the multiplicity of human identities.


We’re both versatile. Millennials are prepared to wear many hats throughout their professional and social lives. Montréal also has many identities. We speak French and English — and some 80 other languages. We’re North American and European. We’re professional, but we also know how to have a good time. (Which leads us to our next point…)


We’re both ready to have a meaningful time. While previous generations have been focused on getting the C-Suite and buying the right car, Millennials are less fixated on traditional status signifiers. They are motivated by experiences and creating meaning. While other cities are working harder than a Rihanna song, Montréal takes time to actually enjoy living. In our DNA is something we call the “joie de vivre.” (Literally: the joy of living.) It’s exactly what Millennials seek.


Here are three ideas for Montréal venues that appeal to Millennials.

PHI Centre. A meeting place for creative minds, where new concepts reflect a continuing exploration and understanding of art. Along with flexible halls that can be transformed for a variety of events, the PHI also contains creative and production studios.

SAT. A non-profit organization recognized for its leading role in the development of immersive technologies. The Satosphère — a spherical 360-degree projection screen — is an immersive environment dedicated to artistic creation and visualization.

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie (pictured). The recently launched rooftop venue places Montréal’s architectural heritage and history at the heart of the visitor’s experience. This stunning space — with a 200-person capacity — makes an unparalleled setting for special events.