5 fresh ways to say “thank you”

published on December 2, 2020
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While plenty of trends come and go, expressions of appreciation never fade out of style. This is the time of year when we send gifts to colleagues and clients to articulate our gratefulness for the energy and loyalty they’ve displayed throughout the calendar year. Gift cards and bottles of booze are perennial favourites, and they’re typically are well received. But oftentimes generic gifts don’t leave a lasting impression. How to rise above the holiday gift humdrums? Here are a few fresh ways to express your gratitude.

Make a card. The greeting card industry would love for you to believe that they are better at expression than you are. This is untrue. You are completely capable — it just takes a bit of effort. YouTube has thousands of videos on how to make unique cards. The more important step is the message. Write an inscription on your computer and leave it for a day. Come back and edit it. When you have a version you feel proud of, write it by hand in the card. Yes, a personal card takes longer. But that’s why it’s special.

Offer a subscription. While many of us have reached “peak subscription” on our own credit cards, we wouldn’t scoff at the gift of a complimentary membership. For your exceptional customers, yearlong access to MasterClass might hit the right note. Other options could include an Adobe Creative Cloud package, especially for an aspiring digital artist or photographer. And most people would take advantage of an annual music streaming membership. 

Donate to their favourite charity. This is a classy gift option that aligns with their values and helps the world. Win-win.

Send a plant. While the standard choice is to send flowers, a potted plant is an equally wonderful gesture, and one that has a longer shelf life. And since most of us are spending more time at home these days, the likelihood of the plant surviving — even for the most botanically challenged — is augmented. Tip: glass terrarium arrangements are beautiful and low maintenance.

Clean their homes. Not literally, though. Make their lives a bit easier by gifting a house or car cleaning service. Your clients are busy people, so a gift of cleanliness is essentially a gift of serenity.



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