MT Lab and Prologue AI unveil the Voice of Montréal

published on October 15, 2019
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2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Tourisme Montréal, and while taking a moment to look back on a century of welcoming visitors to the city, we’re also looking forward to new innovations and the future of tourism. In an exciting collaboration between MT Lab and Prologue AI, we’re excited to announce the Voice of Montréal, an AI-based system capable of conversational interaction with visitors that will help make any trip to Montréal a breeze.

There for you 24/7/365

Currently in prototype stage, the Voice of Montréal is a voice-activated digital visual and audio tool to assist visitors in both their preparatory planning, and navigating the city during their stay. With specially-curated ideas according to taste as well as suggestions of special events, festivals and seasonal activities that correspond with their visit, the Voice of Montréal is like a friendly tourist information person in your pocket. Instead of folded maps, brochures and travel guides in-hand, the Voice of Montréal will lead the way like a local friend. It’s also the perfect guide to introduce to your attendees as an interactive tool to engage with the city during downtime.

A city of collaboration and new ideas

A leader in artificial intelligence research, Montréal is an important hub for new discoveries and collaboration. And following Montréal’s naming as the Intelligent Community of the Year in 2016, Tourisme Montréal, the UQAM School of Mangement and the Ville de Montréal came together as founding partners of MT Lab, an incubator for new ideas in tourism, culture and entertainment. A marquee project of MT Lab, the Voice of Montréal is set to change the way visitors interact with the city.

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