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published on December 1, 2020
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Event professionals know the importance of a good first impression. And while each attendee touch point is an opportunity to influence perceptions, that first impression sets the tone for how the experience will likely unfold.

Whether at a hotel or event venue, having a person available at a reception space is the ideal. A receptionist or greeter can offer truly personalized services through the ability to “read” a client and understand their needs. But staffing a front desk 24/7 doesn’t always make sense. And even if you do have a receptionist, they might need additional support from time to time, especially if many clients arrive at the same moment.

When a human is not available…

Enter Virtual Front Desk — a startup company that aims to improve efficiency while keeping human interaction at the center of the guest experience. Whether events, hospitality, tech, or anywhere in between, this new remote welcoming option might be a helpful tool for your organization to improve client services.

In its essence, Virtual Front Desk is a remote client service application. With a tablet or a touch screen computer, brands — such as hotels, CVBs, or events — can offer a fully functional reception. Indeed, while this is an ideal service for accommodation properties (such as hotels or guesthouses), it also provides an attractive option for a variety of other situations: remote meeting spaces, event venues, and tourist information centres. More than a video call, Virtual Front Desk can obtain signatures and capture photos of guests, as well as sync with payment portals. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of remote reception.

Made in Montréal, ready for the world

Virtual Front Desk was launched as part of a pilot project in collaboration with Groupe Germain Hotels, with support from the Ministry of Tourism and the coordination of the MT Lab incubator. The virtual counter has been deployed at Hôtel Le Germain Montréal for a few weeks.

Incidentally, it’s also a timely tool in a pandemic, where limiting human interaction might be a priority for both employees and clients.


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