7 stellar videos that will make you daydream about Montréal!

published on December 24, 2020
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As a city, we sure miss welcoming people from all over the world. We know it will happen again. In fact, we are optimistic that travel will become available in the coming months, so it’s the perfect moment to start daydreaming about future destinations.

To help your reveries, here are seven stellar videos of our fair city.

See you in 2021?

We hope so.


Montrealers are notoriously loyal to their bagel shops, but what is it that separates a Montréal bagel from its New York counterpart? A Jewish food historian reveals the secrets behind this Montréal must-eat.

A high-tech park!

Step into “the strangest park” in Montréal. From massive head sculptures to a field of white pods that change before your eyes, walking through this park is like exploring an extra-terrestrial landscape.

Winter in Montréal!

See how magical Montréal can be in the darker months with these highlights from a winter vacation — filmed the week before Christmas in 2019.

Fly over the city!

Montrealers regard their city as a vast playground where anything is possible. In this clip from Toursime Montréal (yes, that’s us!), see the magic seeping from the streets.


Poutine is a regional specialty in Montréal. Join two Business Insider vloggers as they visit three iconic poutine places in Montréal: La Banquise, Ma Poule Mouillée, and Au Pied de Cochon.

Visitors gush about Montréal!

A supercut of travellers talking about their experience in Montréal. We could watch this video again and again (and again).

Montréal, from a distance!

Here’s a quick overview of some of Montréal’s largest and most popular event venues. From the stunning convention centre to forward-thinking hotels, these are some of the best options for larger meetings and big events (500 people or more).


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