Tourisme Montréal hosts 9th annual Montréal Networking Forum in Paris

published on April 10, 2018

Named one of UNESCO’s international cities of design, Montréal ‘s connection to creativity and innovation has long been established on the world stage. Each spring, Tourisme Montréal brings Montréal’s unique approach to doing business to an invited group of international association clients with the Montréal Association Network Forum, back for its ninth edition. Hosted this year at the Terrass” Hotel in the heart of Montmartre on April 18-19, our team will interact, brainstorm and exchange ideas with global trendsetters setting the future path of business. Members of Team Montréal accompanied by Yves Lalumière, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tourisme Montréal, will be in attendance along with an inspiring group of facilitators to inspire and collaborate.

The program: Design thinking for associations

Each year, the Montréal Association Networking Forum brings an inspiring theme of discussion to the proceedings, and this year’s focus on “Design thinking for associations” is sure to invigorate. Trending in business and education, Design Thinking brings a new approach to decision making and planning. This year’s speakers and collaborators bring cutting-edge expertise in current trends and foresight, along with an energizing program of teamwork and creation.

The facilitators

Geneviève Leclerc
Association Strategist, Caravelle Strategies

This year’s main facilitator, Geneviève Leclerc is a leader in conference management with over 20 years’ experience, bringing a focus on social innovation and growth through the application of design thinking. Recently, Leclerc has also founded a network of international associations in Montréal, working together to facilitate change and social impact.

Andrew Lockhead
CEO and Co-Founder of Stay22

Making the search for event accommodations easier than ever, Stay22 creates embeddable interactive maps on event websites drawing from a database of over 6M+ listings all available nearby listings from hotels to Airbnb options. As CDO, Andrew Lockhead focuses on inter-departmental communication and innovation to bring his company above and beyond.

Menno Pleij
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Slidebox BV
Official Partner and Representative of MiceMedia BV

Since graduating from the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology in Industrial Design in 1979, Menno Pleij has long worked in Event Architecture and Concept design. As founder of Slidebox BV, Pleij has also coordinated the successful collaboration between his company and the international congress and events consultancy firm Micemedia BV.

Christoph Schewe
Managing Director, International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations

Passionate about aviation safety, Christoph Schewe followed a long career in aviation and assumed the role of Technical Director of the German Airline Pilots’ Association / Vereinigung Cockpit, based in Frankfurt. Since 2013, Schewe’s relocated to Montréal, taking the role of Managing Director of the International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association, overseeing the finances, organization, personnel and activities of the 100 member associations and 100,000 airine pilots of the Federation. He also works on the IFALPA’s annual conference and up to 20 other meetings internationally.

Cemsit Yelgin
CEO and Co-Founder of Waytation

Waytation, Co-Founded by Cemsit Yelgin, offers event analytics based on attendees’ movements worldwide – the first company of its kind. The resulting statistics compiling the journey of every attendee are invaluable for event planners, and ensure the development of future planning fine-tuned to the specific needs and desires of all guests.