Tips to keep attendees engaged even after your event

published on December 6, 2018
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You’ve lined up the perfect venue, great accommodation and the schedule is set for a memorable event for all who attend – but what happens after the conference has wrapped and everyone’s gone home? Although the meeting may be over, it doesn’t have to disappear into the rear view mirror – and here’s three ways to keep your attendees engaged long after the fact.

Publish, promote and get social!

Following the event, there’s a wealth of content in your hands that can both be disseminated back to attendees as a useful resource, and in the process build the event’s reputation above and beyond just the days it took place. The added benefits are two-fold: presenters will be happy to see their hard work living on, and as not every attendee can make it to every presentation on-site, giving them post-event access expands their experience in ways they’ll be thankful for.

Sharing this content in creative ways also gives you the opportunity to build and maintain community among your attendees. Make sure presenters are tagged correctly to also share with their online followers, and post regularly – be it as little as once a month – to keep your event in front of its target audience and attendees. Get creative and visual with it: Facebook albums, Instagram stories and Twitter galleries with your event’s hashtag can all work wonders.

Ask your attendees

Use online engagement tools like polls and surveys to not only gain useful feedback, but also keep attendees feeling involved. These types of tools can also be useful in building profiles of your attendees, followed up with correspondence catered to their tastes. If a certain attendee’s form mentions an interest in cinema and you’re publishing content from the event that relates in some way, it’s a great idea to make sure it arrives in their inbox or on their feed. And attendees who feel they’re being listened to and a part of the planning process will return to the next edition.

Repost, reuse and repurpose

Let content from your main event live on in alternate forms, or use it to inspire new related content. Invite guest bloggers to respond to a popular keynote, or publish white papers on topics raised in presentations. By building and expanding upon the material at your fingertips, it’s possible to create an online resource that not only keeps delegates engaged, but also welcomes in future attendees and gets them in on the conversation early. There’s a multitude of options– Facebook, Instagram polls, email, Twitter and Survey Monkey are all good choices – and offering incentives can go a long way in getting the answers you’re looking for.

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