Timeless Montréal venues to relive a bit of history

published on March 30, 2023
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Looking to create a unique atmosphere for an off-site soirée? Montréal has the right space for your group. Check out these Montréal offsite venues, each matched with decades across the 20th century! 

Stylistic influence: Downton Abbey

The Château Dufresne was originally a beaux-arts style manor owned by leading members of Montréal’s French bourgeoisie. Today, the Château Dufresne houses a museum dedicated to the history of Montréal’s east end, as well as plenty of exquisite artefacts from that timeless era. Book the solarium for a charming Downton Abbey inspired cocktail party! Maximum capacity: 150 guests.

Stylistic influence: Cabaret

Life is a cabaret, old chum! With origins dating back to the 1930s, the Cabaret du Lion d’Or hearkens back to the heyday of the cabarets in Berlin and Paris. Fully restored to its Art Deco splendour, the venue includes an auditorium and reception hall and is appropriate for a chic reception, a relaxed Happy Hour, or even a more modern electro-jazz soirée. The hall is equipped with a sound system, efficient lighting and Wi-Fi. Catering also available. Maximum capacity: 250.

Stylistic influence: On the Town

Constructed of glass and steel, Entrepôts Dominion is a historical building located in happening St-Henri. With industrial architecture and large, industrial spaces that can be subdivided to your specifications, it makes a perfect location for a 1940s-inspired cocktail party — just add a Dixieland jazz band! Maximum capacity: 550.

Stylistic influence: Brooklyn

Over the course of four weeks, much of the Oscar-nominated film Brooklyn was actually shot right here in Montréal! Capture the feel of that classic period with the University Club of Montréal. It offers 14 rooms of different styles and sizes that provide stunning settings for cocktail parties, business lunches, training sessions, and more. The atmosphere is warm with rich woodwork and decorated with close to 100 works by Canadian artists. Maximum capacity: 300.

Stylistic influence: Mad Men

Drenched in natural light, Toundra Hall is a multipurpose space perfectly suited for corporate meetings, office parties or products launches. The former Pavillion du Canada at Expo 67, the hall retains its mid-century architectural detailing. In summertime, the floor-to-ceiling windows give the sense of being in a verdant forest, while in the chillier months, it’s like being inside a larger-than-life snow globe. Maximum capacity: 350.

Stylistic influence: Charlie’s Angels

At 165 metres high and with a 45-degree angle, the Montréal Tower is an architectural embodiment of Farrah Fawcett’s curvy, feathered hair. Perhaps more remarkable, the structure is the tallest inclined tower in the world! (For perspective, the Tower of Pisa is only five degrees.) On the grounds of the 1976 Olympic Games, both the stadium and its iconic tower continue to be a major Montréal tourism attraction. Two halls located at the top of the tower are the main attraction for events, and can accommodate all types of corporate functions: product launches, press conferences, happy hours, and networking opportunities. Maximum capacity: 400.

Stylistic influence: Cheers

On Montréal’s iconic Crescent Street, Brutopia offers guests a wide choice of beers, including eight types of in-house ales brewed using natural ingredients. The friendly vibes — where everyone knows your name — makes it the Cheers-equivalent in Montréal. They serve a menu of finger foods and offer three floors of venue space. Throw in a hair band and your event will be totally gnarly! Maximum capacity: 200.

Stylistic influence: Glengarry Glen Ross

Opened in 1992, the World Trade Centre covers a full city block in Old Montréal where historic buildings have been completely renovated to be connected by a vast skylight. The resulting atrium runs the length of the Ruelle des Fortifications — and is an inspiring venue to hold special events, such as banquets, galas and cocktail parties at any time of the year. To accentuate the ‘90s motif, we suggest neon lights! Maximum capacity: 600.


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