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published on June 4, 2019
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We asked some of Tourisme Montréal’s regional sales managers to give us their views and opinions on today’s events industry, and where they see things heading. Norma Taylor, our wonder woman on the ground in Chicago, IL, breaks down what’s truly of value for attendees – and just, as importantly, for event professionals too.

Making it worth the time

In my more than a decade in the hospitality field, I’ve seen the industry change and grow immensely. And as a freelance meeting planner for several Fortune 500 companies myself, I’ve learned big lessons about what’s most important for event professionals and attendees to boot.

Event planners put a big focus on making things simple and seamless for attendees, from the dissemination of pre-meeting information, easy transportation to and from the event, quick on-site check-ins and easy to navigate meeting scheduling.  We know that it’s already a lot to ask attendees to make time in their busy lives to travel to attend an event, but a well-planned meeting can be an enriching and productive experience where they can make important connections for the future, totally worth the time.

Save time for the things that matter

At Tourisme Montréal, we think that saving time for event planners is just as important as saving time for attendees. And that’s why we live by our motto of “Montréal works for you” – with dedicated reps ready to assist every step of the way, we’re an on-the-ground partner that makes things flow effortlessly from conception to wrap-up. Working with our team of award-winning venues, world-class hotels and unforgettable restaurants, we’ve got your needs covered from every angle. And better yet – our hands-on, knowledgeable approach of everything Montréal has to offer saves you money.

Step out of your comfort zone

With knowledge and first-hand expertise in everything Montréal has to offer, let us do the research and come up with ideas for your event based on unforgettable past successes that left attendees – and planners – breathless. We also thrive on taking you out of your comfort zone, with quirky suggestions and touches that suit your event’s profile to a T. Not to toot our own horn, but there’s a reason why Montréal has once again been ranked first in North America for international association meetings.

The pieces to the puzzle

After all of these years in the events industry, I still learn something new from every call. Event planning is a joint mission in which once we have the puzzle outline, we just need to find and fit the right pieces to create our picture – a creative and financially successful meeting. And even things that may seem complicated at first glance – like cross-border meetings, for example – can be a snap with the right team at your side. And having the right team in place, from customs broker to informed hotel front desk staff, is a complete game-changer. I tell my clients to think of us the same way you think of your cell phone, an important extension of your body that’s there when you need it. For us, the bottom line is simple – time truly is worth more than money, and we’re here to help you save it for what’s truly important.

Norma Taylor is a Regional Sales Manager for Tourisme Montréal covering the US Market’s Midwest/West regions. Contact Norma about bringing a meeting or event to Montréal here.

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