These two Montréal museums are perfect for boutique meetings

published on May 19, 2017
Montréal Partners

A peaceful yet inspiring venue is arguably the most important variable in hosting a successful business meeting. When it comes to meaningful events, Montréal has a plethora of venue options — including a handful of museums. Case in point: these two museums make wonderful backdrops for intimate gatherings.  

The McCord Museum is one of the most important historical museums in Canada. It celebrates Montréal life — its people, its artisans, its communities, its metropolitan area. Through a contemporary approach, the Museum presents thought-provoking exhibitions that appeal to people from here and elsewhere.

Here are three spaces to hold events at the McCord Museum.

The Atrium. At the heart of the museum, this vast space is frequently used for cocktail parties. Thanks to high ceilings and natural light, the Atrium adds a touch of splendor to any event. The space can accommodate up to 175 people standing or 80 seated.

The Theatre. A modular space, thanks to the retractable bleacher-type stands. You can arrange the room as preferred for such events as meetings, workshops or holiday celebrations. The theatre can accommodate up to 175 people standing or 100 seated.

The Fifth Floor. An elegant floor decorated with works from the museum’s collection of decorative arts. This private space is ideal for small meetings or symposiums. The fifth floor offers two meeting rooms, and can accommodate up to 20 people standing or 13 seated, in each room. 

The Stewart Museum, situated in the heart of one of Montréal’s greatest green spaces, celebrates the influence of European civilization in New France and North America. The Museum occupies the British fortified depot on Sainte-Hélène Island, a 19th century military construction. Both historic and modern, the site features a glass tower offering a remarkable view of Montréal.

The Interior Courtyard. Available all four seasons of the year, the courtyard is ideal for a country-style gathering, a large cultural event, a team-building sports activity — or other events. Clients will enjoy beautiful views of the illuminated Jacques Cartier Bridge.