4 Things to keep in mind when planning the technological side of your event

published on March 1, 2022
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Events can’t be boring anymore. We all know that — but some of us still need a little support. Thankfully, there are providers with the expertise to make “wow” experiences.

Global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology, Solotech provides the ideal support for transforming humdrum events into meaningful moments. Founded in the 1970s, the AV company has grown into an international company with offices in various global destinations, including Europe and Asia. Solotech offers support to all types of events — “from small to Celine Dion.” They might just be the perfect partner to help create the event of your dreams.

Emerging from a tough two years

Many people in the events industry had a similar question: how are we going to survive this pandemic? Organizations went through different phases. Many were slow to react. Some didn’t understand the impending impact. Solotech was not immune to the changes, but their diversity in services enabled them to pivot from in-person events to helping organizations manage virtual or hybrid events. They also helped some businesses equip themselves with the necessary technology to communicate in a new “work from home” setting, and sometimes this meant creating in-house studios.

During the upheaval, one of Solotech’s major observations was that many digital events lacked emotional attachment. This presented a fresh challenge: how can an event be designed to actually involve people? Engagement is the keyword. That’s what event professionals want.

One immediate solution was to visually create the virtual audiences, largely achieved with multi-screen mosaics. This proved helpful. But now organizations are looking for the next innovation, better tools to engage with the audience. Especially for business events: the main goal is to communicate a message. How can the message shine?

That’s the goal of Solotech.

Virtual events have been normalized

It hasn’t been all bad news for the industry. One good thing is that audiences are now familiarized with virtual events. Moving forward, it won’t seem weird to host an event in Montréal and feature a speaker located in Australia. Now event organizers can have big names “pop in” for an hour. Imagine featuring Bill Gates for an hour or hosting Michelle Obama virtually for a keynote address. The hybrid aspect will be with us forever and this means the range of content has expanded.

Post-event content opportunities

Event professionals are increasingly interested in capturing content at an event and publishing it later. TED Talks are the perfect example of packaging an event experience and making it available for audiences who were unable to attend the in-person event. But event professionals need to proceed with caution and ask some important questions. Such as, who own the rights to this content?

At the end of the day…

Still, no matter how spectacular a digital event might be, nothing will replace the in-person experience. More and more event designers are understanding this, and subsequently putting an emphasis on audience experience.

Advice from Solotech

Here are four things to keep in mind when planning the technological side of your event:

1. Understand that events can’t be boring anymore. We live in the attention economy and attendees will lose focus if you don’t engage them. How will you communicate your message in a compelling way? 

2. Plan for networking. While impressive light shows and top-tier entertainment are important, the specific value of in-person events — and especially for business events — is the networking opportunities. How can you use technology to bring people into conversation?

3. Create clear agreements around content. Who owns the audio and video content created during the event? How will that content be used? Make sure all speakers and presenters are on the same page — and have signed waivers.

4. Work with professionals. This can’t be understated. Naturally, every event has a budget and therefore limitations. But use what is available to optimize the atmosphere and the potential for engagement by hiring AV professionals.



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