11 Tech champions that are putting Montréal on the map

published on May 19, 2022
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By guest contributor Andrés Restrepo (author info below).

City of knowledge and international hub of innovation, Montréal is regaining its momentum after a collectively tough couple of pandemic years. More than ever, our tech entrepreneurs are working to reinvent the world, to make it more efficient, safer, and more connected. This brisk pace of ideas and technological prowess is sweeping through all industries and speaks to the vitality of Montréal, a crossroads of ideas and encounters.

Here are 11 Montréal technology start-ups to discover. The type of startups that excel in what we do best here: give free rein to our creativity.

BrainBox AI 

#RealEstate #PropTech

Brainbox AI (GHG management and energy optimization in real estate). Launched in 2019, the company was recognized by TIME in 2020 in the Best Invention category, then received the Best Innovation Award by the 26th UNCCC in 2021.

"Brainbox AI is part of a powerful wave of innovative Québec start-ups that are using artificial intelligence (AI) to fight climate change and manage natural resources more sustainably,” says Marie-Paule Jeansonne, CEO of Forum IA Québec.


#Construction #Contech

RenoRun is a Montréal-based e-commerce platform specializing in the sale and delivery of building materials to contractors. The start-up has just completed a financing round of US$142 million.

“To continue to thrive, construction and real estate companies need to undertake a deep digital transformation,” says Francis Bissonnette of Batimatech.


#Health #Healthtech

My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) is a leader in artificial intelligence and systems biology. MIMs provides biopharmaceutical companies with augmented intelligence systems to develop targeted and personalized treatments.


#Marketing #Marktech

Wavo is a music data analytics and marketing platform supported by experts helping the music industry to make investments in artists more predictable, scalable, and profitable.

Braindate by e180

#Education #Tourism

Braindate technology facilitates conversations and knowledge sharing at events. This now essential application for business tourism, and beloved companion of C2 Montréal regulars, was selected in the categories "Best application in science and education" and "Best application in event management" at the 26th annual edition of the Webby Awards.


#Metavers #VR

Ova and its software called Stellar X allows neophytes to create collaborative virtual/augmented reality simulation spaces and breathe new life into corporate training approaches. Ova is currently awaiting approval to be able to distribute its software on the “Meta Store”.


#WorkingSmarter #HRtech

More than half a million people around the world find a job through a Montreal site, Talent.com. Notably, the Montréal startup raised US$120 million last March.


#Agriculture #AgroTech

Agrisoft reinvents agriculture by creating models of innovation bringing together researchers in agronomy and meteorology in projects aimed at improving decision-making processes for arable crops. These models are powered by artificial intelligence.


#Finance #Fintech

This technology company based in the Sain-Henri neighbourhood is revolutionizing banking and financial data transfer processes. National Bank injected $103 million into Flinks in 2021.


#Environment #CleanTech

Cement is the source of approximately 8% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions worldwide and Carbicrete offers an alternative to counter this problem. Originally developed by McGill University, CarbiCrete's technology produces concrete without cement and without carbon. This Montréal-based cleantech company secured an additional US$6 million in May. This new funding brings its current round total to C$23.5 million.


#Environment #CleanTech

Polystyvert is a world leader in the recycling of polystyrene, aka the #6 plastic that could not be recycled, until today!


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