The stunning event spaces of Montréal’s new cruise terminal

published on August 10, 2017
Montréal Partners

Chances are strong that the device you’re using to read these words was transported by a boat. That’s because 80% of all consumer goods throughout the world are moved by water-based cargo. Shipping is massive global business, and it plays a vital role in the economy of Montréal.

We’ve always been a port city. When Montréal was founded 375 years ago, the French colony was a center for fur trade. To this day it remains a transshipment point for grain, sugar, petroleum products, machinery, and consumer goods. In fact, each year the Montréal Port Authority processes more than 30 million tonnes of cargo. (That’s the equivalent of six million elephants!) It’s one of the busiest inland ports on the planet.

While most of the cargo is processed in the eastern areas of the city, the Port Authority is also responsible for an important location at the doorstep of downtown Montréal.


First impressions are important. That’s one of the main reasons for the recent renovations to the Alexandra Pier, a cruise terminal located in the Old Port. The pier — which dates back over 100 years — is the first Montréal point-of-entry for cruise ships, a booming industry that is bringing increasingly more visitors to the city.

The multimillion dollar renovations will provide better access to the river, while integrating the structure into the urban fabric of Old Montréal. Updates also include better traffic flow for taxis and buses, installation of a green rooftop, and the construction of a new observation tower.

The revamped pier is not just for cruise ships and their passengers. It will also feature a selection of stunning rentable event spaces — ideal for visiting groups and conventions.


The bright multipurpose spaces of Alexandra Pier will offer magnificent views of the river and the city, while featuring free Wi-Fi, catering facilities and the most modern multimedia equipment. The Port Centre (pictured above) — which features a History of Ships exhibition — can be used for such events as product launches or cocktails. The Great Hall will make an ideal space for an exhibition or a banquet. The Green Rooftop and Esplanade will provide a perfect setting for open-air networking parties, and include the possibility of installing event tents. The Tower is an exclusive setting to impress a small group of clients. Essentially, the opportunities for events at the new pier are endless.

The Port Centre is currently open and available to rent, while the Tower and the Esplanade with access to the river will be completed in 2019.

If you’re interested in reserving for future events, we recommend reaching out sooner than later.

Events ahoy!


Venue: Alexandra Pier and Iberville Passenger Terminal
Location: Old Port, Montréal
Contact: Valérie White, Corporate Sales Manager and Business Development,, +1-438-931-4341