Google names Montréal as home base for its first Stadia gaming studio

published on October 31, 2019
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Home to a videogame development scene that’s both internationally renowned and trend-setting in its inclusivity, Montréal is a bona fide game-changer. And now, Google has announced its plans to open their first Stadia video game development centre in the city!

Changing the face of gaming

Google’s Stadia eliminates the need for expensive consoles, bringing gaming to any screen from mobile phones to laptops and televisions via cloud technology. And not content to simply act as a transmitter of everyone’s favourite games, Stadia aims to create all-new gaming sensations in-house, drawing talent from around the world to Montréal.

When it comes to video games, Montréal’s a world player

With a lively scene of trendsetting startups and researchers making international waves in fields like Artificial Intelligence, tech and neuroscience, Montréal is a hot spot for cutting edge technology and research. The city is also home to some of video gaming’s biggest names, like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. and Eidos, making it no surprise that Stadia has set its sights on the city. In the words of Stadia’s VP Jade Raymond – a Montréaler herself! – Montréal has, “an amazing gaming legacy, having launched dozens of studios, thousands of careers and countless incredible games.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

A city of talent 

Raymond’s studio announcement proclaims, “we’re looking for the best developers on the planet to join us,” and Montréal is already home to many suitable candidates for the title. One such advantage that keeps talented developers here is the city’s focus on higher learning, along with the well-deserved ranking of Best Student City in the Americas. With a blend of cultures, beautiful lifestyle and an joie de vivre all its own, it’s clear Montréalers are changing the world – and soon Stadia is set to do the same. Game on!

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