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published on November 25, 2021
Sporting event Working Smarter

Hosting a big sports event might seem daunting. However, in Montréal there are support systems in place to help. Various organizations and governments (ranging from municipal to federal) are acutely aware of the benefit of athletic events to the city. Not only do such events contribute to the economy through tourism, but they also help underline the importance of physical and mental health.

Ranging from logistics help to financial assistance, here are some important support programs that your event might qualify for!


Tourisme Montréal (that’s us!)

Sports Events Montréal offers a Hosting program for national and international sports events, which includes free services and/or financial assistance. Services might include:

  • Providing financial assistance
  • Organizing sport familiarization visits
  • Assisting in bid strategy and preparation
  • Securing commitments from hotels, sports facilities, venues, and other partners
  • Connecting you to provincial federations, local clubs, and a dynamic community of engaged Montréalers
  • Providing letters of support and funding support
  • Promoting your event on our digital platforms and social media
  • Offering welcome services for participants


Additionally, Tourisme Montréal supports events with tourism potential. This could be a festival, museum exhibition or, yes, a sporting event that through its content, theme, duration, and reputation, increases the number of visitors, is a trigger for a trip to Montréal, and strengthens the destination's positioning. For their part, events with tourism potential allow for the dissemination abroad of an avant-garde and open image linked to the personality of Montréal.



Ville de Montréal (City of Montréal)

The support program for international, national, and citywide sports events offers financial assistance to sports event organizers to hold amateur sport events and competitions in Montréal.

This program provides financial support to four kinds of events: 

  • International events that are sanctioned by the international or intercontinental sport federation that usually holds the rights to events. 
  • International invitation events that do not belong to an international competition circuit, but that are nonetheless sanctioned by an international, intercontinental or national sport federation. 
  • National events that are sanctioned by the Canadian sports federation that holds the rights to the event and that are open to all Canadian provinces and territories. 
  • Metropolitan events with at least 1,000 participants that come from at least 17 boroughs or municipalities in the Montréal agglomeration. 



Conseil du sport

The Montreal Sports Council unites the sports community across the Island of Montréal to make the city a locally and internationally recognized sports metropolis.

  • Bring together, bring together and mobilize sports players for a unified voice.
  • Defend and promote the interests of organized sport with administrative and political authorities at local, municipal, provincial and national level.
  • Serving organizations that promote sports development, from discovery to excellence, throughout the island of Montreal.
  • Support sports organizations towards sound governance, integrity and ethics in sport.
  • Act as a one-stop-shop to guide sports organizations towards available resources.

Details: [French only]


Québec government (Minister of Education)

The Support Program for Sporting Events (PSES) aims to support the organization in Quebec of sporting events of national level or the organizing committees of major events.

The PSES targets sports competitions in two areas:

  • Canadian level competitions
  • Sports events for the general public

Details:  [French only]

Each year, five million dollars are devoted to the Support Program for International Sporting Events (PSESI). This amount is used to improve Québec's chances of attracting major sporting events. In particular, the PSESI can be used to finance the organization and staging of world championships, world cups, Pan-American championships, tournaments bringing together the world's elite, and the nomination of international sporting events.

Details: [French only]


Québec government (Ministry of Tourism)

The Ministry of Tourism provides financial assistance for festivals and tourist events (such as sporting events), as well as initiatives that support innovation.

Details: [French only]


Québec government (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing)

Support for major economic and cultural development projects and events in the metropolitan region. Annual financial assistance from the fund is up to $500,000 per project.

Details:  [French only]


Government of Canada

The Sport Canada Hosting Program assists sport organizations to host the Canada Games and international sports events in Canada. The program is delivered through four components:

  • International Major Multisport Games
  • International Single Sport Events
  • International Multisport Games for Aboriginal Peoples and Persons with a Disability
  • Canada Games


Also, the Major Festivals and Events Support Initiative (MFESI) is a two-year, $200-million national fund to help major Canadian festivals survive and adapt to the pandemic. It will also help position them for post-pandemic economic recovery and growth.



Final note

This is a lot of information. Some of it is only available in French. If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our sports manager, Véronique Riopel, is available to help you navigate subsidy options:


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