These sanitary stations add a touch of class (and cleanliness) to events

published on August 11, 2020
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Event professionals are constantly looking for ways to bring premium experiences to meetings, conferences, and parties. With the right supplier, even a bathroom experience can be transformed from unexciting to extraordinary. The shifting landscape of events in 2020 have brought sanitary measures to the forefront, but this doesn’t mean cleanliness has to be boring or homely. In fact, the opposite can be true. The very first “touch point”—so to speak—can be a premium experience. 

Introducing the high-end hand sanitation station.

Meet Groupe ABP

Based in Montréal, Groupe ABP is a rental company that focuses on premium products and exclusive experiences. They offer an extensive inventory of event-related objects, such as furniture rentals, crowd posts, breath guards, and more.

Over the past few months, the Groupe ABP Sanitation Stations have become immensely popular. The touch-free machines have sensors that automatically distribute hand sanitizer, perfect to situate at entry points or in strategic locations throughout a venue. Each machine features adjustable flow levels and rechargeable batteries, which ensure approximately 4000 uses.

The stations were designed here in Québec and built by a friendly man named Denis, the director of production, in the Groupe ABP local workshop. Essentially, not only are you encouraging safe meetings, but you’re also supporting local craftspeople. This is a win-win situation.

Brand your hand sanitizer

Inevitably, a sanitation station is one of the first things attendees will notice upon entering a venue. With custom decal opportunities, a Groupe ABP sanitary station is an opportunity for your event sponsors to have immediate visibility. Alternatively, you can brand the stations with the logo of your own organization—or chose whatever type of messaging is appropriate for your event. The Groupe ABP design team is available to ensure your graphics match the specifications of their product.

Sanitation has become an important part of welcoming people to communal spaces. A branded hand sanitation station is an opportunity to make a sophisticated statement.


Cheat Sheet

Company: Groupe ABP

Phone number: 1-800-772-7110


Instagram: @groupeabp



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