Royalmount: Montréal’s new eco-innovative neighbourhood project

published on November 18, 2021
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The ethos of Montréal’s newest neighbourhood is simple: the serenity of nature meets the bustle and excitement of the city. The project is called Royalmount and it is being constructed from the ground up. Once fully complete, it will be a truly “living environment” with 3,250 residential units, all surrounding a prolific green space and punctuated with a variety of commercial spaces.

Royalmount — which is a reverse portmanteau of “Mount Royal”, the famous park at the heart of Montréal — will include an urban woodland, a 3-km linear pedestrian path (accessible year-round), community services, and a central piazza that can be used for gatherings. This is a pedestrian-oriented development (POD) project that will feature residences, commercial spaces, entertainment and wellbeing spaces, hotel rooms, exercise facilities, community services, offices, and event spaces. The flagship stores in this luxury shopping plaza will include Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Tiffany & Co.

Sustainable design

Royalmount has obtained LEED GOLD CS certification for its commercial building which will aim to be 100% carbon neutral once fully operational, along with the WELL Silver certification to ensure the quality of life of its occupants and visitors. An energy loop powered by hydroelectricity will be integrated into the entire site, and the use of geothermal energy and a rainwater recovery system will serve as an example of sustainability. All building roofs will be white or covered with vegetation, and the underground parking lot will have nearly 100 electrical charging stations (which exceeds the minimum number required for LEED certification).

The neighbourhood will also showcase green rooftops, an urban forest, vertical gardens, greenhouses, and urban farms. A farm-to-table program will allow a local supply of fresh food to restaurants of the community. In total, more than 450,000 plants will grow onsite, including a wide variety of trees, shrubs, plants, and perennials. And to keep all those plants pollenated, the project will host thousands of resident honeybees, cared for by a local beekeeper.

Hotel + gathering spaces

One of the biggest attractions for event professionals will be the hotel aspect of the project. Situated 10 minutes from the Montréal Trudeau International Airport (YUL), Royalmount will have up to 1,500 guestrooms available. Some of these will include extended-stay suites and business-focused rooms. Guests will have access to valet parking, exercise facilities, and a state-of-the-art office campus. Also notable: a conference centre!

Furthermore, the piazza, located in the middle of all the buildings, will be the heart of the community. It will feature yearlong programming, ever-changing entertainment, and opportunities for a wide variety of private events.

The future of mobility

Community is at the heart of Royalmount. While providing eco-conscious, convenient, and comprehensive transit, the space will seamlessly integrate into the surrounding area and Montréal’s transportation network (such as the metro system and public buses). A heated, covered walkway connecting the project to the De la Savane metro station will also provide comfortable and safe pedestrian travel.

While the project is heavily pedestrian focused, there will also be cyclist corridors that enable easy access to the space and that mindfully connect to surrounding communities’ existing networks. The site plans to include 500 bicycle parking spaces.


Stay tuned

Royalmount aims to become the reference of what a cultural and commercial hub can be. Phase one of Royalmount is set to open in spring 2024. Stay tuned for further updates, specifically regarding opportunities for events!


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