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published on June 17, 2021
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Typically, Montréal is an easy sell. People around the world know us as that French Canadian city with an inventive culinary scene, effervescent festivals, and adorable accents. Many folks also know about our innovative startup culture and our thriving LSHT sectors. We have good curb appeal, so to speak.

These days, however, people might be a little shy about travelling. That’s understandable. When we’re collectively given the green light to cross borders again, some travellers might need a little extra inspiration to book tickets to conferences and other meetings.

With that in mind, are some resources to help potential attendees understand the joy of Montréal!

The official leisure blog of Tourisme Montréal offers boundless ideas of what to see, to do, and to taste in Canada’s cultural capital. Helpful roundup articles to share with attendees include:


This is the official hashtag of dreamy Montréal moments. With over 2.6 million usages on Instagram alone, the hashtag provides a broad visual glimpse into the city. Many of the most successful images come from our own account: @Montreal. (Shameless plug: follow us!) Over on Twitter, #MTLmoments provides both images and the occasional article!

Montréal, from a distance

Last year we created an impressive collection of hotel and meeting venue videos. We called the series Montréal, from a distance. The purpose of the videos was to give event professionals — and their event attendees — quick glances into many of Montréal’s most beloved locations. Think of each video as a breezy “101” on the hotel or venue. 

Digital access to Montréal museums

Montréal is celebrated for its creative art scene. While the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ is open once again for in-person visits, folks who are outside of Montréal can still explore the museum remotely.

Virtual guests can explore the Pointe-à-Callière Montréal Archaeology and History Complex, a national archaeological and historic museum home to architectural ruins, all of which are also showcased on its website. This museum is also open for in-person visits!

The Montréal Holocaust Museum is open again — but its virtual exhibitions are still accessible. Guests can learn about Canada’s Jewish history through a collection of video testimonies recorded by archives and Holocaust education organizations throughout the country.

Those looking to wander the streets for art can browse Montréal’s Public Art Online. Go for a “walk” around town to see artworks installed across the city.

Montréal melodies

Finally, experience the music of Montréal from the comfort of your own sofa. The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal offers a variety of shows, many of them available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for packing a suitcase for a Montréal trip.


Destinations in 360°

Add a little summer to your day with the MURAL Festival App and 360° views of Montréal's murals in summertime, or visit the Montréal Botanical Garden's grounds through photos. Explore all kinds of Montréal sites in 360°, including the Quartier des spectacles downtown, Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount RoyalNotre-Dame Basilica in winter, and more. If you have a VR headset at hand, download Hoppin' to visit different Montréal attractions in virtual reality.


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