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published on May 2, 2024
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Typically, Montréal is an easy sell. People around the world know us as that French Canadian city with an inventive culinary scene, effervescent festivals and adorable accents. We have good curb appeal, so to speak. But it’s worth scratching the surface a little to discover what we’re really about. Montréal is a one-of-a-kind city — a gateway between North America and Europe and a bilingual haven of creativity and experimentation. Here are some great resources to help potential attendees understand the true joy of Montréal.

Business Events Montréal toolkit

The first source of information is obviously this very blog, which includes all sorts of tips and recommendations for visitors, including on getting to and from the airport, itineraries within walking distance from the convention centre, amazing coworking spaces, and so much more. 

Start by perusing the blog and exploring the Business Events Montréal toolkit — it’s packed with essentials.

The official leisure blog of Tourisme Montréal offers boundless ideas of what to see, to do, and to taste in Canada’s cultural capital. Helpful roundup articles to share with attendees include:


This is the official hashtag of dreamy Montréal moments. With over 3 million usages on Instagram alone, the hashtag provides a broad visual glimpse into the city. Many of the most successful images come from our own account: @Montreal. (Shameless plug: follow us!) 

Over on X, #MTLmoments provides both images and great new articles giving visitors the low-down on what to do, eat and see.

Montréal, from a distance

In order to help event professionals virtually explore our city while considering it for their event, we created an impressive collection of hotel and meeting venue videos called Montréal, from a distance

Feel free to share this resource with your event attendees — the content provides a quick glance into many of Montréal’s most beloved locations. Think of each video as a breezy “101” on the hotel or venue. 


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