Redefine teambuilding at the Ministry of Cricket (and Other Homeless Sports)

published on January 23, 2018
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There’s a time for getting down to business and there’s time to have a little fun. Teambuilding offers the chance to let your group’s collective hair down and revel in the true joys of working together, and Montréal’s one-of-a-kind Ministry of Cricket (and Other Homeless Sports) is helping to re-define the concept of a corporate event. Tailored for groups ranging in size from 6 to 135, the Ministry’s offerings are unparalleled in the world of professional teambuilding. Now who’s up for a game of Quidditch?


Imagine a multi-purpose space adaptable for an eye-popping list of games and activities – many of which are solely unique to the Ministry – and that’s the Ministry of Cricket in a nutshell. Their menu of teambuilding options will keep everyone entertained and engaged from upper-level execs to the newest members of the team. Besides full catering and a well-stocked beer bar, the Ministry’s star attractions are some of the games themselves, and no two visits need ever be the same.

Whether you’re looking for a genteel afternoon of cricket, lawn bowls, or darts or an explosive day of bubble soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, or Harry Potter’s favourite sport, it’s all here. And it’s true what they say: the team that Nerf battles together, sticks together.


Besides the Ministry’s bevy of physical fun, the Sherlock Holmes Room Escape pits teams against the clock to solve a mystery worthy of the most famous detective of all time. Swap the bubble soccer suit for a bubble pipe and cap and sleuth your way through 1890s London searching for Holmes and Watson – stopping a major crime in the process.

Whatever the chosen activity, the Ministry of Cricket (and Other Homeless Sports) is sure to not only please any group – but keep them on their toes through an unforgettable day of ever-important teambuilding too.