Fore! Montréal is the host city for the 2024 Presidents Cup

published on August 26, 2020
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Here in Montréal, sports are a part of the city’s DNA. And in a year where we’re celebrating being once again named the Top Sports City in Canada, there’s some more big news to share: Montréal has just been named the host city of the 2024 Presidents Cup!

A local tradition

Golf has long been a beloved athletic pastime in Montréal, since the 1873 founding of the Royal Montréal Golf Club – the oldest in North America. And adding to that already storied history, the Royal Montréal will be only the second non-American club to ever host the Presidents Cup more than once (last time being a truly memorable tournament in 2007). The crème de la crème of golf talent will gather in Montréal to tee off for one of the top titles in the sport and that sound you hear on the breeze is our excited, yet polite golf clapping in preparation to play host city yet again.

Montréal is a hole in one

Home to 12 national training centres, 60 provincial sports associations and federations, and a storied Olympic legacy that lives on in its world-class facilities, Montréal is the perfect choice for your next sporting event, big or small. Coupled with Sports Events Montréal’s organization and technical expertise, it’s no surprise to find our city on the champion’s podium when it comes to playing host city. All that’s left to ask is, when’s tee time?


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