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published on July 15, 2021
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Please note that the information below was last updated on 17 September 2021.


We’re thrilled to be able to start welcoming meetings and events back to Montréal. While some restrictions are still in place, it is entirely possible to plan and execute meetings and events in Montréal.

Here are some answers to questions you might have.


How many people are permitted to gather indoors? What about outdoors?

Auditoriums, amphitheatres, and indoor stadiums with assigned seats will be authorized to present shows and sporting events before a maximum audience of 7,500 people. Over 500 people, the audience must be subdivided into independent sections with a maximum of 500 people. They must have separate entrances, exits, and sanitary facilities. Distancing of one empty seat between spectators who do not reside at the same address must be observed. Monitoring of accesses and locations is required, as are reservations.

Festivals and major outdoor events during which spectators are standing or sitting without assigned seats or circulating can be held, subject to compliance with the basic health measures and other specific measures for events. For outdoor events where spectators are standing or seated, the audience must be divided into independent sections of a maximum of 500 people. A minimum area of 2 m2 per admitted person must be respected. Reservations are required. Mask wearing is recommended while circulating. [source]


What types of events/programs are allowed?

  • Trainings
  • Meetings with participants that are sitting (the majority of the time)
  • Trade shows and fairs
  • Events with a social aspect in an indoor rented space are limited to 25 people
  • Events with a social aspect in an outdoor rented space are limited to 50 people
  • Sports and recreational activities, including guided lessons and training, are permitted in indoor public places for groups of no more than 25 individuals from different households, including officials, employees, and volunteers.
  • Sports and recreational activities, including guided lessons and training, are permitted in outdoor public places for groups of up to 50 individuals from different households, excluding any officials, staff, or volunteers.


What else do I need to know to organize an event in Montréal?

  • A registry of participants is mandatory
  • Buffets are allowed if there is an employee to serve and that the food is separated from the clients with a plexiglass
  • In order to hold a sporting event, a sanitary protocol that meets all the provincial requirements (as well as a duly completed form) must be submitted to the Direction de la santé publique by mail or email. (Note that Montréal is region 6.)
  • Tourisme Montréal can help you find suppliers for COVID-19 testing or temperature checks on-site, as well as recommendations of independent contractors for medical and travel insurance, for a fee.


What are the rules around physical distancing?

The Québec Health Ministry indicates that the mandatory distance that must be maintained between people from different households is one metre (three feet). This applies to both indoors and outdoors gathering. For meetings and sporting events (both outdoor and indoor), there must be one unoccupied seat between people from different households. For combat sports, sparring is permitted as long as the rules of public health authorities are respected.


Are masks mandatory?

For meetings, attendees must wear medical masks. While in hotels, restaurants, public transport, or other enclosed public spaces, general face coverings are permitted. Masks are mandatory for spectators/delegates of indoor and outdoor activities. Once seated in a private space at an appropriate distance (for example: a meeting room), it is possible to remove the face covering or mask.


Are the borders open?

Yes! As of September 7, 2021, fully vaccinated international travellers are eligible to enter Canada for non-essential reasons, such as tourism. This also enables travel for events, meetings, and conferences.

To enter Canada, travellers need (at minimum) to complete these three essential requirements: 1) be fully vaccinated, 2) have a negative COVID test, and 3) submit their travel and health information via ArriveCAN.

For more information, see our article Border crossing information for your delegates.

Also, consult with the Canada Border Services Agency website for detailed updates.


Do I need to quarantine if I travel to Canada?

Mandatory quarantine is not necessary for citizens who have received two government-approved vaccinations. Otherwise, when arriving in Canada travellers will need to proceed to a 14-day quarantine.

Find out if you can enter Canada here.


Are vaccine passports required?

The province of Québec (where Montréal is located) has implemented a vaccination passport system. The QR code passport enables vaccinated individuals to access public spaces, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and entertainment venues. Travellers who are fully vaccinated can also access these spaces by showing photo ID with an address outside Québec and proof issued by their country or Canadian province that they have been vaccinated This documentation can be present digitally (on a mobile phone) or through an official paper document.

Trade shows and expos are exempt from vaccination passports. [source]


Are hotels open?

Yes! Montréal hotels are open and happy to welcome travels, whether for leisure or business. Furthermore, hotel chains have protocols specifically designed to suit the safety needs of their buildings.


Can I make reservations at a restaurant for my team?

Possibly! There is currently a maximum of 10 people per table indoors and 20 people outdoors, and this will depend on the restaurant’s layout and capacity. Tables are one metre (three feet) apart outdoors and two metres (six feet) apart indoors. Reach out directly to the restaurant for further details.

Alcohol is permitted to be served until 1AM, with bars closing at 2AM. 


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