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published on September 20, 2018
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As event planners, you’re so used to working behind the scenes making others look good that it’s easy to overlook the importance of your own personal branding. We’ve compiled these tips to get your personal branding as on point as your events – a bit of effort sure to bring more attention and bookings your way.

Make an impression

If your co-workers or clients were to describe you in a few words, what would they say – or, more importantly, what would you want them to say? This is the first step in figuring out the brand you want to build for yourself. Who do you want the world to see? What makes you stand out and what makes your events different from anyone else’s? Take a close look at the LinkedIn profiles of your mentors and those you look up to in the industry, and consider how they position themselves and their skills. Workshop your brand ideas with friends and colleagues until you reach that eureka moment. You’ll know you’ve found it when they’re as excited as you are.

Put your best face forward

We can’t overstate the importance of a great headshot. While those cropped vacation shots commemorate some nice memories, in a professional context they just won’t cut it. Countless local photographers specialize in professional headshots at modest prices, and it’s worth investing in putting your best face forward.

What do your social media profiles say about you?

Keeping up with a stacked social media plate may seem daunting when paired with a busy event planner’s schedule. But the reality is that you don’t have to spend a ton of time on creating a great social media presence – and it’s easy to keep your private life private if you’re concerned with mixing your personal life with your professional network. The first step is to choose the platforms most appropriate for your industry – maybe keep Facebook and Instagram for personal use, but LinkedIn and Twitter are musts in the meeting and events industry.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an absolute must for professionals in any field, and after your name, your headline and summary are the most important elements of your profile. Investing some time in writing concise, punchy copy showcasing your top qualities helps you build your professional image. If writing’s not your strong suit, ask a friend or colleague with a knack for writing to help you out. Always keep your current information and positions up to date, and include at least two past jobs – or more. This LinkedIn Pulse article offers more great tips to keep your LinkedIn profile looking sharp.

  • Twitter

The go-to platform for meetings and events, almost everyone uses Twitter – and their own specific hashtags for their events. You don’t even need to publish a lot on Twitter to maintain a professional presence. With a professional headshot and a well-crafted bio you’re already ahead of the game. Find great people to follow by searching with industry hashtags like #eventprofs and #meetingprofs, or other hashtags and keywords specific to your industry. Share news a few times a month or retweet accounts from those you respect. As a great place to explore news and trends, taking some time to discover all Twitter has to offer is a great use of research time.

  • Instagram

While most event professionals keep Instagram for personal use, you might consider it as an alternate channel if you work in a visual industry or have a talent and affinity for photography. It’s your call – but here’s some great tips for creating a top-notch Instagram profile.

  • Facebook

Most meeting professionals choose to limit their Facebook interactions to family and friends, and unless you’re an extroverted person with a public role, you might want to keep it that way. Just remember that when accepting friend requests, you can limit what people see by placing them on lists. If you haven’t set up your privacy settings on Facebook, this is something you need to do regardless of how you use the site.

  • Pinterest

Forget everything you’ve heard about Pinterest being merely the land of recipes and fashion tips – the site is coming back in a big way. With newly optimized search and indexation algorithms, Pinterest results are showing up more and more at the top of Google searches. Consider creating a few boards for industry trends or event theme ideas – and you can follow us for more inspiration!

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