Palais des congrès de Montréal and MASSIVart present Palais Seasons

published on February 25, 2020
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Montréal is known worldwide as a hub for innovation. The Palais des congrès de Montréal reflects that creative spirit, with its colourful, stained glass exterior and boldly unconventional, artistic interior spaces. Entirely unique, this convention centre is an excellent venue for progress-pushing meetings and state-of-the-art conventions as well as a gathering place for innovative art projects, where local artists are invited to inhabit the space, create and inspire.

Art for the seasons

The Palais de congrès and MASSIVart reteam for Palais Seasons, an exciting series of art installation projects inviting Montréalers to rediscover their convention centre. A spin-off of the highly successful Les Printemps du Palais, which featured a variety of creations by local artists and artisans, Palais Seasons aims to build on the creative momentum launched in spring 2019 and keep the excitement going all year long.

Spotlight on local talent

MASSIVart has put together an outstanding program that will once again showcase Montréal ingenuity. A highlight of the Seasons program will undoubtedly be Threshold by Montréal artist, Michel de Broin. Comprised of a series of repurposed Montréal subway cars, the installation breathes and swells as people pass through, creating a contrast between the mechanical structure and organic movement. Threshold continues Montréal’s obsession with our original and now obsolete MR-63 subway cars, giving the world a glimpse into our past.

Inspired programming starting with love

As the seasons change, so to will the themes and installations, with programming continuing to reflect current events. Launching during the month of love, Palais Seasons will be celebrating romance with visitors invited to relax in the new romance lounge and watch a series of romantic movies selected by the NFB. For a voluntary donation to the Old Brewery Mission, visitors can also write a love note that will hang on a communal arch.

A couple of whimsical installations have been added to the Palais’ winter lineup, including Carousel by Labodeco where passersby can stop and have a magical experience before continuing on their way and Paysages divers by EN TEMPS ET LIEU which showcases the path of desire, tracing footsteps especially visible in winter. Along the way, encounter the scents and sounds of nature in winter.

An enhanced partnership with Art Souterrain

Palais des congrès’ annual participation in the highly anticipated Art Souterrain, which runs this year from February 29 to March 22, will also bring in many new creations. As part of Palais Seasons, three works have been commissioned for an extended period. Dédales d’almanachs creatively tells a post-apocalyptic story through a series of historical photos, Undream depicts a 1960’s future where utopia and dystopia collapse and La Chorale is a moveable and easily dismantles piece of furniture meant to represent the creation of bonds with others while promoting a future based on solidarity.

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