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published on April 7, 2021
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Gift giving can be immensely rewarding. It’s even a love language! However, finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. Hitting the right notes with colleagues or clients, especially when they’re far away, demands savviness and an investment of time. Enter a Montréal startup that offers themed packages which deliver not only quality products but meaningful experiences.

Pack It Up offers a selection of well-considered gift experiences. They take care of all the details—from gift ideas, to product curation, to delivery—to ensure that the process is smooth and stress-free for both the giver and the receiver.

We spoke to Sylvain Letellier from Pack It Up about the background of the company, the process of creating gift experiences, and what might appear in a Montréal-themed gift package!

Tourisme Montréal: How did Pack It Up get started?

Sylvain Letellier: Pack It Up was born from a personal observation... to get started with an activity, we often need to spend hours reading product reviews and looking for the right equipment. And sometimes a “beginner's kit” is too simplistic or poor value for the price. The intention was to offer kits directly to the general public on our site, but companies quickly showed interest. We refocused our mission to better meet business needs, in particular to offer kits that reflect the experience of a brand, or gifts for employees and clients.


How does the team decide what to feature in a package?

To create our kits, we first meet with experts. Through the discussions, we seek to understand what is truly useful to the person receiving the package. No unnecessary filler—instead, durable, quality products, and as much “local” as possible. We also prioritize an affordable price. Fortunately, we find that the quality products recommended by experts are typically not the most expensive!


How has the pandemic affected your company?

The first few months were difficult, as many of our clients were severely impacted by the restrictions. But eventually other opportunities arose, such as the new reality of working from home and the desire for companies to keep in touch with their employees. Pack It Up kits replaced a lot of office parties in 2020. We therefore had a fairly active end of the year and now 2021 is looking very good for us.


Do you offer Montréal products in your packages—if so, which ones?

We have started to include more and more local products in our kits! At the moment, we work with more than 20 local companies to secure our products. Our zero-waste kit, for example, is made up entirely of Québec products, including Credo bags, Kliin paper towels, and beeswax products—all of which are made in Montréal! More recently, we have added a local item to our fresh pasta kit. While the pasta machine remains a product of Italy (because it’s hard to beat their expertise in the field), the beautiful wooden pasta dryer is produced by a young cabinetmaker based in Montréal’s Griffintown neighbourhood! Our goal is to move further in this direction, and to showcase the know-how here in Montréal.


What might be inside a Montréal-themed package for a corporate client?

The experiences we create interest us more than the products themselves. So, to create a kit representing Montréal, we like to think about the experiences that make this city so unique. For example, a kit to create your own Montréal green alleyway! With the accessories and the guide to bring greenery to the middle of the city. But we have other options to enhance local culinary experiences, from a kit to make your own poutine at home to mixology experiments that highlight local products (such as maple syrup or sea buckthorns). We are also working on a kit adapted to visitors, with all the accessories to make the most of the city, whatever the season. Because strolling around town in February or during the summer festival season are different experiences—but equally “Montréal”!



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