Organizing a sporting event in Montréal? Here’s your playbook

published on April 25, 2023
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Preparing a bid for a sporting event is no minor task. That’s why we created a playbook to assist sporting event professionals navigate the various steps in proposing and planning events in Montréal. It provides an overview of the city’s sports venues and a detailed description of our services to help prepare a winning bid. You’ll also learn about the different people, groups and organizations involved in holding a sports event — as well as how to plan and manage your priorities effectively.

Wait… why Montréal?

We’re glad you asked! Montréal’s sport legacy goes back many decades. For instance, North America’s first YMCA opened in our fair city in 1851. We were the first metropolis outside of the USA to have a major league baseball team. Montréal is also home to the most historic team in the NHL — go Habs! — and an emblematic local experience is to watch a hockey game at a neighbourhood bar.

One of our most memorable moments was in 1976 when we hosted the world’s largest sporting event: The Olympic Summer Games. In Montréal, gymnast Nadia Comăneci scored a “Perfect 10” and Bruce Jenner won the gold medal for decathlon. Now, more than 40 years after hosting the Games, Montréal’s Olympic Park remains one of the most utilized in the world for a vast range of sporting competitions.

Our organizational and technical expertise has been proven on multiple occasions by attracting large-scale national and international sporting events. Examples include the massively successful FINA Diving World Series, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Jackalope Festival. The list continues.

The playbook

Whether you’re just starting your research or you’re exploring the possibilities of hosting a sporting event, check out our Playbook guide. It offers a clear overview of the world of sporting events in Montréal, plus lots of great resources, expert advice, and helpful contacts.

The guide is concise, interactive, and includes both basic and detailed information to help keep your event planning process on track.

You can download the playbook here!

More helpful tools

In the Tourisme Montréal tool kit for sports events, we offer a variety of resources for sports event planners. From planning to attendance-building tools (and plenty of things in between), you’ll find everything you need for a successful event.

And remember, if you ever have any questions, we’re here to help. Reach out anytime:


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