Yes, Montréal is open for business (in fact, check out our offer)

published on October 7, 2021
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Montréal has an important message for you: we’re ready to host gatherings again. Our handsome French-Canadian city—which is always adoré by attendees—is booking meetings and events for 2022 and beyond.

Over the past few years, we have solidified our standing as one of North America’s favourite destinations. Yet why, exactly, do groups keep selecting Montréal as a host city?

For a couple key reasons.

Reason #1

The first reason is because we offer guarantees. Change seems to be the only constant these days, so Business Events Montréal—that’s us—has created a sales offer that recognizes the challenges of planning meetings in a post-pandemic world. You know what we’re talking about: the changing health protocols, the cancellations, and the fluctuating attendance numbers.

The offer coming out of Montréal is called the Guaranteed Worry-Free Pledge. Until the end of December in 2022 (yes, 2022, not 2021!), event professionals can take advantage of flexible terms when planning a meeting in Montréal. But there’s more.

The pledge also includes technology support (vital for hybrid meetings), all-inclusive hotel packages, and a comprehensive safety protocol. They own the “how” so you can own the “wow.”

Reason #2

The second key reason that Montréal is succeeding is because of its curb appeal, one that continues to entice event professionals. The city is creative, charming, and downright delicious. Attendees want to go to Montréal, and the numbers prove it.

For a fourth consecutive year—and despite the pandemic—Montréal has been named the top-ranked city in the Americas for the number of international events. The ranking was part of the International Meetings Statistics Report, released recently by the Union of International Associations (UIA). Backed by the remarkable adaptability of Montréal’s convention centre (the Palais des congrès de Montréal) during the unprecedented year of 2020, the city welcomed 41 international events, outpacing other cities in North America. Event professionals recognize that Montréal is an appealing choice.

So, with both a guarantee and oodles of curb appeal, are you ready to start planning a Montréal event? 

The city you love is ready for you!




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