Yes, holiday parties are still possible (with a bit of help)

published on October 22, 2020
Montréal Partners

It’s been a difficult year for the events industry. One thing that we might all benefit from is a bit of holiday cheer. But with many cities facing restrictions around public gatherings and many of us working remotely, how exactly is a holiday party possible?

Enter TBMOQ, a local team building service that focuses on meaningful and memorable experiential learning activities. They’ve pivoted to create experiences specifically designed to bring teams together and cultivate some holiday cheer—no matter where in the world your company is based.

A remote office holiday party can take many forms. For TBMOQ, the Holiday Pub Quiz is a new twist on the classic Pub Quiz allowing team members working remotely to play together while answering trivia questions about various topics and locations around the world.


Happier holidays

Using a proprietary MapApp online game, teams must answer questions spanning every continent and multiple subject matters to earn the most points possible. Using remote tele-conferencing software, team members get to share a world map, answer questions together and share a fun bonding experiencing.

This twist on an old favourite allows participants to see exactly how they (and their competition) are doing throughout the game through a real-time scoreboard. The game culminates with a secret puzzle that can only be revealed when the right questions are answered correctly.

The activity takes between 30-60 minutes, and while it makes a fun holiday party, it can be implemented at any time of the year

Trim it to Win!

Another option to experience the holidays with your team while working remotely is called Trim it to Win! This Christmas tree decorating challenge is designed to incorporate everything that we love about office holiday parties with the new reality of everyone working from home. Using your favorite videoconferencing software, Trim it to Win! pits teams against one another as they play fun team challenges in order to earn the privilege of adding their colour decorations to the festive tree set up in the TBMOQ studio.


In good hands

With over 1500 programs delivered, the success of TBMOQ is driven by a proven expertise in adult education. As one of the top team building companies, they deliver meaningful and impactful team development programming that promotes change and enhances any HR initiative. They’ve worked with such big names as FedEx, Puma, Ubisoft, and Air Canada. Maybe they’re a good fit for your team?


Cheat Sheet

Company: TBMOQ


Recommended group size: 5 to 125 participants

Period of year: Year round

Complexity level: Low



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