5 New and noteworthy projects happening in Montréal

published on October 26, 2021
What's New in Montréal Montréal Partners

Cities are evolving entities. That’s a basic rule. While Montréal is an exceptional city, it is no exception to this rule — and that’s a good thing. In the coming years, the infrastructure and architecture of Montréal will continue to develop, making it one of North America’s greenest, most liveable, and most creative cities.

Here are just a few projects to keep your eyes on.

Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM)

The new REM (Réseau express métropolitain) is a fully automated, light rail transit network that makes the city even more connected and accessible, with direct links between various Montréal communities. With 67 kilometres of rail line connecting 26 stations, the 100% electric REM will not only alleviate traffic snares but reduce tonnes of fossil fuel emissions. Bonus for travellers: direct train access between Montréal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) and downtown.

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Parc Jean-Drapeau

This year, the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau (SPJD) unveiled major renovation plans. The plans focus on “re-greening” the park space, and include a one-kilometre riverside promenade, which will also feature a ferry entrance and waterfront public square open to the river. The former Expo-Express bridge will be transformed into a "high line" type promenade, like that of New York City. Additionally, certain spaces in the park will be dedicated to wetlands. And yes, there will also be a new space for events!

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A reverse portmanteau of “Mount Royal,” Royalmount is a “living environment” with 4,500 residential units, all surrounding a prolific green space and punctuated with a variety of commercial spaces. This pedestrian-oriented development (POD) project will feature residences, entertainment and event venues, exercise facilities, offices, and much more. The project aims to be 100% carbon neutral once fully functioning.

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Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC)

Located in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, the MAC makes today’s most contemporary art available for the public. The MAC is currently undergoing a major renovation. The amount of exhibition space will be doubled to better display Québec’s public collection. The new MAC will offer a greater, more versatile exhibition space that has been completely rethought to adapt to all the forms the art of today — and of the future — may take. And you can guarantee the new event space will be otherworldly.

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Port of Montréal Tower

Fresh and modern, the Port of Montréal’s Grand Quay offers updated marine infrastructures alongside unique contemporary spaces designed for the enjoyment of Montrealers, cruise passengers, and tourists alike. The site is also about to unveil a 65-metre tower that overlooks the city and the river. The tower will be one of the port’s most unique architectural features and, inevitably, one of the most sought-after new venues.

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Bonus mention: Les Géants de l’avant-après

Circus lovers, prepare for the invasion: starting on July 7, 2022, not one, not two, but THREE ginormous, 52-foot steel structures in the shape of giants will take over three distinct spots in central Montreal and act as living stages for incredible circus arts performances. What a way for Montréal Complètement Cirque to enliven to the downtown core. Read more... 


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