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published on February 22, 2022
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What if we could tell a story through fashion? This is the question that Nathon Kong explores in his work. The local designer shares his values by telling a story through works of art, and the result is exquisitely crafted fashion items that are imbued with the spirit of Montréal. The type of items that make ideal gifts for business partners or event attendees.

The backstory

Officially launched in 2014, the Nathon Kong label began operating out of a truck, which acted as a mobile boutique featuring a built-in 3D body scanner. This unique model was dubbed “Tailor2Go,” and the label benefited from this unique vehicle in generating buzz and curiosity around the brand. It was the trust and quality expertise, however, that Nathon Kong brought to the table that won the hearts of clientele. Today, customers are able to visit a private showroom beside Place des Arts — in the heart of Montréal — for fittings or to find the perfect piece of Montréal fashion.

Art that aims for the heart

While Kong continues to create his signature bespoke suits — which are “suitable” (pun intended) for all genders — he has also branched into other fashion items, such as pocket squares, scarves, bow ties, and more. When the pandemic hit, Kong pivoted quickly and created reusable and washable face masks that not only look stylish but helped local workers. His team created a new platform for seamstresses who lost their jobs during the pandemic and enabled them to work from the comfort and safety of their own homes to make masks by hand.

All of Kong’s work, including his collection of silk face masks, celebrates art and raises awareness around mental health by featuring the artwork of participants from Les Impatients, a local non-profit organization that supports people with mental health challenges through therapeutic art programs. Kong donates 10% of the proceeds back to the community and has so far raised over $60,000 for local organizations and projects.

Brand partnerships

Kong has partnered with various brands such as Tourisme Montréal (that’s us), Bombardier, m085, and more. Many of those brands chose Kong because they want exceptionally crafted gifts to give to staff, business partners, or event delegates. A typically partnership might involve transferring a Montréal artwork (such as a painting or a mural) onto an article of clothing, which subsequently becomes itself a work of art.

Kong has teamed up with Tourisme Montréal on various projects. Each project has the same mission: to harness the creativity of the city and to share stories through meaningful fashion. One of the most recent projects was transferring the essence of a massive anniversary mural onto a pocket square. To celebrate our 100th anniversary, Tourisme Montréal commissioned the organization MU to create the Façades mural. The work was completed by a Montréal painter of Chilean origin named Rafael Sottolichio. Like many of the murals in Montreal, Façades is a piece that gives visitors a sense of the city's spirit. The Kong-Tourisme Montréal collaboration also included transferring the artwork of Maxime Noiseux onto a scarf.

From the murals that adorn buildings to the music in metro stations, art is everywhere in Montréal. And it makes the perfect expression of gratitude in the form of a wearable gift.


Cheat Sheet

Brand: Nathon Kong

Contact: info@nathonkong.com 

Website: www.nathonkong.com

Instagram: @nathonkong


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