Montréal startup MySmartJourney makes magic with Hôtel Monville

published on March 16, 2021
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With new standards in health and cleanliness, the tourism industry has pivoted into solution mode. The most forward-thinking hotels are focused on ensuring a comfortable traveller experience while also forging new hospitality safety standards — and one Montréal startup is helping them revamp their offerings.


Introducing MySmartJourney

A member of the first cohort of MT Lab (a local tourism, culture, and entertainment incubator), MySmartJourney is a technological platform for deploying interactive experiences and services without physical contact, mainly in public places.

Its objective is simplicity. How can procedures and experiences be streamlined through the use of technology that we already have in our pockets? When technology design is elegant and mindful, we can use devices — such as mobile phones — to reduce friction points and empower travellers with information and options. And the side benefits of great technology include the potential of reducing overhead costs and consuming less resources (such as paper).

MySmartJourney understands all this. And they also know that many travellers aren’t interested in downloading yet another mobile application. So, rather than building mobile applications — which risk being clunky and technologically isolated — their services are offered via web browsers. MySmartJourney content management platform attributes content to each contact point, which could include text, audio, video, hyperlinks, or augmented reality. Visitors are able to access exclusive content on their smartphone through short URLs, QR codes, or NFC chips (near-field communication).

Case study: Hotel Monville

Recognized for innovation and leadership in the integration of new technologies, Montréal’s Hôtel Monville is setting new standards. Even before the global pandemic, the hotel was offering contactless room service (with their beloved H2M2 robot), online check-in/out, and charging stations for electric vehicles. Now they’ve upped their “tech game” through a partnership with MySmartJourney.

Hôtel Monville and MySmartJourney have joined forces to deliver an innovative hotel experience: offer visitors a paperless, interactive, and contactless stay. Together, they have created a unique service experience, which uses both the hotel's H2M2 robot and the contactless technology solution from MySmartJourney.

Within reach of a mobile phone, the Monville experience allows travelers to:

  • Order items (slippers, toothbrush, etc.) from the comfort of their room
  • Obtain information on the use of available in-room equipment and services at the hotel
  • Discover Montréal partners and exclusive discounts offered to travellers
  • Learn the history of the hotel, its architecture, and its design

MySmartJourney in action

While hotels can use MySmartJourney for check-in/check-out, ordering room service, contacting concierge and other services, there are many other ways to utilize the startup’s platform. Many types of organizations and businesses can take advantage of interactive displays, mobile-based self-guided tours, audio guides, games, and more.

For instance, a museum might have previously rented gear for an audio tour of its facility. MySmartJourney could be implemented to access the museum’s audio content from a visitor’s mobile phone — again, without downloading a mobile application.


A winning record

MySmartJourney’s clients include Air Canada, Tourisme Montréal (yes, that’s us!), Aquarium du Québec, Tourisme Rivière-du-Loup, Culture Trois-Rivières, and more. The startup has won many awards, including the Coup de Coeur prize for start-up business from the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l'Innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) in 2018.



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