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published on December 29, 2022
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The end of each year presents a perfect opportunity to look back and share our most recent “ah-ha” moments with our community. Our goal is always to keep improving and make event planning in Montréal not only a breeze, but also a pleasure! The blog posts linked below either got the comments flowing on LinkedIn, were retweeted en masse or were picked up by other media, and shared far and wide. So let’s see what the fuss was about.

Here are – in no particular order – some of our most popular posts of the year.

Exciting new hotel openings for 2023

Each year, Montréal welcomes new hotels and major renovations to old favourites, and the next 12 months are no exception. From trusted chains to eco-friendly boutique hotels, here are just a few properties to keep your eyes on in 2023 – the exciting new is, they all have meeting spaces worth writing home about. Which of these hotels will you book first?


Leading the way in sustainable transportation

Real change takes concrete dedication, and Montréal’s goal of becoming North America’s top city in sustainable mobility is one backed up by an exciting series of projects sure to make an impact noticed by the rest of the world. Read more about exciting current initiatives and our electrifying future. 


Fun French phrases you need to know

Montréal has oodles of cosmopolitan chic and European flavour. But did you know that our fair North American city is also the world’s second-largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris? Conversation here flows easily – in English, French and many other languages. Here are a few French phrases to add to your tool belt.


Top 5 sports event trends now

The world of sports is in constant flux, with new sports topping the charts in popularity and new audiences popping up in the most unexpected places. It makes sense that we’re also seeing new ways to organize sporting events. Read all about the cool developments for sporting event pros.  


How to host sustainable meetings

Sustainable tourism is vital. We want destinations that will be beautiful and attractive today – and also in 100 years! That’s why Tourisme Montréal has taken a proactive and strategic role in the management of our destination, where the coexistence of residents and tourists is harmoniously integrated. Find out how we can work for you with this handy how-to.


5 Montréal AI start-ups to watch

Montréal rules the AI field as its de facto capital, as ranked by the Global AI Index (no less). We rank first in the world for “government strategy” when it comes to artificial intelligence, which indicates that our leaders understand the value of AI and are prioritizing it. Watch these local AI start-ups closely – they’re the change makers of tomorrow.


Montréal makes it easy to eat sustainably

Holistic food systems are booming, with more and more municipalities looking to reconnect communities with local food production. For Montréal meetings and events, this means enabling attendees to truly taste the regional flavour. Find out how easy it is to take a bite out of sustainable food.


10 Montréal women doing amazing things

With so many talented and innovative women breaking ground on so many fronts across the city, this list could have been virtually limitless. Montréal women are making their mark in social, economic, cultural and political spheres. Here are a few names for your rolodex.


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