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published on December 23, 2021
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The end of each year presents a perfect opportunity to look back and reflect upon how far we’ve come. In many ways, this blog is an archive of the lessons we learn as we move through this world. It’s our way of sharing resources and “ah-ha” moments with our community. The goal is to make event planning easy in Montréal.

We love when readers share our content. Over the past year, sometimes a blog post would receive many comments on LinkedIn or readers would retweet the link on Twitter. Yet no matter how committed a reader is to any given website, chances are that an article (or two) is missed along the way. With that in mind, here are — in no particular order — some of our most popular posts of 2021.

Thank you for reading!

12 Hybrid event venue options in Montréal

Life presents curveballs. Even after we’ve emerged on the other side of this pandemic, there will always be a section of your audience unable to be physically present at an event, yet still wanting access to your exceptional content. That’s why venues offering hybrid solutions are more relevant than ever. These Montréal studios provide a perfect backdrop for hybrid events.


The benefits of face-to-face meetings (according to science)

While we can collectively recognize the value of virtual meetings and events, many of us have reached a saturation point. (Zoom burnout anyone?) Many positive things can occur when we interact in-person that don’t necessarily happen virtually. Here is a quick glimpse of just some of the benefits of face-to-face meetings.


Time to upskill? Here’s how to get started!

While the world continues to change, one thing is certain: broadening one’s knowledge base is a reliable way to stay relevant. “Upskilling” refers to the individual process of learning new skills. More than ever, remote programs and virtual courses are making it easier to gain continuing-education credits or earn those industry certifications that you’ve been meaning to get. Here’s how to upskill in the events industry.


Montréal’s biggest sports venues

When it comes to planning large-scale sporting events, one of the main challenges is finding appropriate venues. Montréal has plenty of options. When you’re ready to create memories in Canada’s sport capital, these venues will host the grandest of competitions.


5 Ways to make events more gender inclusive

One way to become a better event professional is simply to continue learning about other people and how to make everyone feel welcome at the events that we organize. With that in mind, here are a few gender-related terms to familiarize yourself with and a few tips to make your events more inclusive.


Montréal named the best student city in the Americas for the fifth year in a row!

Published annually, the QS Best Student Cities ranking showcases the best urban destinations for international students, based on a diverse range of indicators grouped into a selection of categories. Montréal has not only been ranked the top student city in Canada, but we’re also the top student city in all the Americas — for the fifth year in a row!


What is the "metaverse"? And how will it impact events?

In the autumn months, Facebook announced both a name change (Meta) and that it would be investing in a project called the metaverse. This was an indicator that next technological revolution is coming. But what do you need to know about this new future? Here’s a quick “101” on how the metaverse will impact events.


How to create events with lasting social impact?

For many event professionals, the future of events is rooted in the idea of purposeful gathering. How do we host experiences — conferences, business meetings, sports competitions, even leisure travel — that limit environmental impact but have lasting social impact? It’s a big, challenging question. But it’s an important one.  Read more about how to create events with lasting social impact.



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