Montréal’s recent groundbreaking achievements in Artificial Intelligence

published on December 4, 2018
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Montréal’s place at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence-related innovation and invention is recognized the world over as one of AI’s primary hubs of research and development. And it’s not just us who are excited: In the words of WIRED magazine, the city is also the world’s AI startup powerhouse. We’ve spoken before about what makes Montréal such an important piece of the AI puzzle (not to mention its aims for true diversity in the field), but now it’s time to toot our horn with some specifics. Here’s a few of Montréal’s recent accomplishments – a list that grows each and every month.

December 2018 | Large scale investment on both the federal and provincial level will bring over $6.3-million to six of the city’s top AI startups in 2019, as well as $230-million (plus an additional $60-million from the Québec government) to the AI-Powered Supply Chains Supercluster (SCALE.AI). These development funds are estimated to bring over 16,000 jobs and $16-billion to the Canadian economy, with Montréal at the forefront.  

December 2018 | The UK-based companies QuantumBlack, WinningMinds and BIOS announce expansion to Montréal, to further their research in connecting “software to change or read the performance of the nerves in the body”

December 2018 | Montréal researchers have developed a smartphone and tablet app designed to help people detect HIV through self-testing

November 2018 | Québec researchers announce work with the Canadian Space Agency in equipping future space robots with AI

November 2018 | Researcher Rachel Bouserhal won an Mitacs & NRC-IRAP Award for noise-cancelling, digital ear plugs programmed with advanced voice-quality algorithm to enhance communication between workers at loud industrial sites

November 2018 | Researchers are developing Automated Value Creation AI capabilities for hospitals to mobilize clinical and scientific expertise in healthcare

November 2018 | Through the use of AI, Montréal researchers are developing early detection retinal scan technology in regards to diabetes-related blindness

November 2018 | Local researchers are developing AI technology to test medicines for harmful side effects before hitting the market

November 2018 | CHUM announces a new school focused on AI applications in healthcare

October 2018 | Optina Diagnostics Inc, raised $4-million in funding to scale up research into early Alzheimer’s detection through the use of AI

October 2018 | Montréal’s AI startup scene is grabbing the world’s attention, and here’s 10 new companies worth keeping an eye on

October 2018 | Facebook’s AI lab headed by Joëlle Pineau explained how a machine can create a recipe from a photograph of the québécoise delicacy Tourtière

October 2018 | AI technology capable of predicting cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer’s Disease could be available within 5 years thanks to researchers at McGill University

September 2018 | Montréal’s Aifred aims to help those suffering with depression with its AI-driven clinical decision tool that can predict treatment efficacy, track progress and provide electronic records for patients

September 2018 | With AI, Semeon Analytics can decipher feelings behind tweets

September 2018 | Montréal teens develop Artificial Intelligence #VisAbility Cane for the visually impaired

August 2018 | Brain Mining Lab researcher Alicia Heraz has trained an algorithm to recognize emotions from anger and fear to laughter and love simply through the way we use touchscreens

August 2018 | Montréal neighbourhood Candiac becomes the first neighbourhood in Canada with self-driving shuttle buses

August 2018 | Concordia University unveiled the first geonome lab in Canada where “robots do biology”

August 2018 | The Bonjour-Santé clinic appointment booking system introduced a time-saving method that could save up to 6.5 million hours of patient time per year

July 2018 | Local startup Nectar uses AI to monitor hive health and keep bees healthy

July 2018 | A team of over 40 researchers committed to a project aimed at improving access to justice

July 2018 | Researchers at McGill developed brain ‘fingerprints’, using AI technology and computational brain modelling to predict drug effectiveness

July 2018 | Montréal’s AI startup scene display a large range of focus and cutting-edge ideas

June 2018 | Montréal hospitals use AI screening tools to detect eye disease in diabetes patients

May 2018 | Motorleaf, an AI system to predict greenhouse yields both large and small, raised $3.6 million in seed money

May 2018 | Joëlle Pineau awarded NSERC’s Steacie Memorial Fellowship for their use of AI to improve the treatment of cancer and heart disease

March 2018 | IMAGIA received $3-million towards research and development in the use of AI applied to Oncology

January 2018 | A look at 10 AI-related Montréal startups to watch in 2018

January 2018 | A .pdf breakdown of the focus areas of local taskforce

August 2017 | Montréal’s Neuro and AI community at the heart of world ‘Open Science’ movement

August 2017 | McGill researchers develop AI capable of predicting dementia before the onset of symptoms

July 2017 | Artificial Intelligence developed in Montréal has detected brain trauma formerly visible only in autopsies

July 2017 | Researchers at McGill use AI to detect long-term concussion in athletes

February 2017 |, working with the City of Montréal, is developing AI monitoring systems to locate less-healthy trees in need of maintenance or replacement

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