Montréal’s newest event venue: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

published on July 12, 2016
What's New in Montréal

There’s something spectacular about seeing a city from the top of a tall building. From this perspective, one can gain a sense of the geography of the area. From this height, one can also observe the movement of people — riding in buses, hailing taxis, strolling during lunch breaks — and these movements subsequently tell the story of the city.


Montréal has a new rooftop venue, and it’s perfect for quiet urban observation. But it’s also perfect for boisterous team gatherings!


Located in the heart of Montréal’s downtown, Place Ville Marie is a 47-storey, cruciform office tower. It was constructed in 1962 as headquarters for the Royal Bank of Canada and, over the years, has maintained its status one of Canada’s most distinctive tall-rise buildings. On the roof of Place Ville Marie, a beacon rotates four white horizontal beams (much like a lighthouse) and can be seen as far as 50 km away. In that sense, the skyscraper is truly a Montréal landmark.

While the Place Ville Marie is a mainstay in the Montréal skyline, following a recent renovation the top floors are attracting renewed attention.


The top-floor venue, known as Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, offers event planners an entirely new way to “wow” their attendees. Watch the sunset. Learn about the history of Montréal. Gain perspective over one of North America’s oldest cities. Celebrate a team accomplishment. Treat a client to lunch. These are all the ways that the space can be used for recreational or professional pursuits.



The Observation Deck of the 46th floor of Au Sommet Place Ville Marie highlights the architectural heritage and history of Montréal. Whether for business meetings, fashion shows, Christmas parties or other events, this stunning space — with a 200-person capacity — makes a unique setting for special events.


One floor below, the exhibit space enables guests to network and connect in a relaxed and stunning setting. The facility celebrates Montréal’s unique character, while showcasing its diversity, main rituals, and cultural pillars. It offers space for 100 attendees.

For a culinary experience, the restaurant (Les Enfants Terribles) offers a bold reinvention of Québec cuisine by chefs who have a deep understanding of local traditions. With a diversity of group menu options available, planners can organize a leisurely lunch, a cocktail party (with canapés) or a formal dinner. While the restaurant is open to the public, certain sections can be reserved for business gatherings.


Venue: Au Sommet Place Ville Marie
Address: 3 Place Ville Marie
Twitter: ‪@ausommetpvm
Contact: 514-544-8911 (extension 709),


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